Testimony of Maha Cheli Beti Tara:

"Once more I have had the blessing to have the chance of being witness of the Divinity incarnated that my SatGuruMa Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi Ji Is, who lives only and just to rescue our Humanity. This time manifesting her Divinity in what for me, was one of the most magnificient TATri Miracles to my human mind and devotee heart.
February 18th, 2018. Murcia, Spain in the context of TATri Seva in Europe of our SatGuruMa:
We were by her side, living the experience of a TATri Retreat of the Consciousness of Adi Shakti ...
That morning we were ready to start TATri pilgrimage towards a Roman Cave which Mataji had selected some previous days ... As soon as She stepped that piece of land She felt a very strong call, so She manifests to the person in charge of the organization of the TATri Retreat: "What is there over there, beloved ? I feel a VERY strong vibration in that place. We will go there some time in the retreat".
It was in this way that day, organized and ready from the night before as Mataji had transmited to us, that we started our journey the TATri pilgrimage chanting Mantras at the rythm of Supreme God's Heart represented for us, Her direct devotees by our SatGuruMaJi.
We reached the place and Mataji in her constant attitude of full surrender and respect to the moment of present She takes her shoes off before getting into the cave,  what it would be the entrance of the Hill where the Roman Cave is located, being example one more time to our eyes, How sacred each second is and the respect to How Divine is Being Human in every step.
She started to walk in what we call "trance" (we, the ones having the blessing of following her steps know that this fact occurs constantly everyday by Her side, the side of our SatGuruMaJi), and She went straight to a specific place where She would do the Activation (TATri Siddha Cave Diksha) of the Roman Cave which had been a Sanctuary for some centuries before.
The devotee and friend who was in charge of the organization of the three-day-programme with Mataji was holding the gifts that She Herself had selected to offer to the Divinity over there, and being still in trance, She started to put the gifts in a SPECIAL corner chanting the Gurú Mantra flowing from HER sacred heart.
Once TATri Ashravad and Diksha were done, Mataji gave us the blessing of being witnesses of her Darshan And of receiving the transmision of the TATri Vidya That She is, with a closed Satsang to the ones Present over there, giving us the posibility to make questions and to receive her reply which go straight to our hearts setting us free in each step as She has and still liberates me at every Second.
The retreat continued with the Divine energy That flows through Her Existence and even MORE: On February 21st, 2018, three days after the activation of the Cave, it manifested itself in her highest expression with a 2.9 earthquake with epicentre in MURCIA (Exactly the place where Mataji had been offering Retreat and where the cave was situated)
On April 19th, 2019 conmemorating Holi Friday during Easter Eve.
While the TATri Retreat of TATri Padma Dhyana Open Mind Intensive Course was taking place, technique of meditative attitude developted by our SatGuruMa Ji, we received from the TATri devotee of Mataji who had organized the Retreat in Murcia in February, 2018, a video where we could see some current of water flowing and What a Coincidence! This episode on the same day we conmemorate the crucifiction of Jesus the Christ, a current of water from exactly the same place one year before Mataji had selected to offer gift to the Divinity and had also done the activation of the Roman Cave with Her Presence (TATri Siddha Cave Diksha).
From my feeling as direct devotee and Maha Cheli of my SatGuruMa, having the blessing to walk by Her side and to live so many TATri Miracles of Her Divinity in Supreme manifestation, I feel deep certainty that this TATri Miracle is the direct consequence and more and more EVIDENT conscious service. Those miracles in every step of our Mother Godess incarnated in our SatGuruMa Which She offers to our Whole humanity.
It is my infinite blessing of being the vivential witness of GOD HIMSELF HERSELF on Earth, something almost impossible to put in words, but as devotee and witness I feel the honor and responsability which implies to give Testimony of Her steps as She has come down to GIVE US THE TRUTH with the EXAMPLE of HER (OWN) LIFE which She embraces as the most sacred in this illusion.
She is My Path, my eternal LIGHT, my certainty and She is who guides and enlights ( everything/everyone ) with Her infinite Example and in my heart I live that EVERYTHING COMES AND WILL COME from HER and EVERYTHING GOES AND WILL GO BACK TO HER. ALWAYS.

SHE IS THE Divinity in its highest manifestation showing us the sacred of Being Human.


Maha Cheli Beti Tara 
(Laura Mariela Sztutwojner)
DNI:  33.768.165


TESTIMONY of Maha Chela Akasha Sanandana:
🍃🌸OM TATri OM🌹🍃

With gratitude and devotion I wanted to share with everybody my feelings about the TATri Miracle that this year's Holy Friday has happened in the TATri Sidha 'Cueva Negra' located in Fortuna (Murcia-Spain).
This Roman Sanctuary was visited by our SatGuruMa Ji in February of 2018 as part of Her tour of Spain.
I still have recorded the instants I could lived with Her in this Sacred space. The sensation of temporality...
It seemed we were out of time at the feet of the Guru.

When seeing the images of the TATri Miracle. From the river of water that flowed from the cave just where Mamaji had placed offerings on that pilgrimage. My Heart felt CHRIST. A Sign of Him.

His blood as a river of living water. Water of healing that purifies our Lives. I can only give thanks to the Supreme God for being able to witness these great signs that He gives us through his representative on Earth.
Thank you Divine Avatar for being able to accompany you and serve you.
Like these waters that go through the rock and flow, may your Grace transcends our minds and flows !!! 

Jai Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki !! 💗

Always in You !!

🍃🌸Aum Bagavate Tridevye Namaha🌹🍃

Maha Chela Akasha Sanandana 
(Carlos Becerra Luna)
Doc.: 28775543J

TESTIMONY of Maha Chela Babaji Narayan:

"On February 2018 I have had with other TATri brothers and devotees the Infinite Blessing of being part of one of the TATri Pilgrimages together with our beloved SatguruMa Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi Ji around the world. On that occasion, by Fortuna - Murcia - Spain.

We started our day at Saint Lazaro Community, towards the Roman Sanctuary of Cueva Negra. We made the whole journey singing mantras.
Our beloved SatguruMa, in the last part of the inner path  to enter to the Sanctuary, approximately more than a mile and a half, She did it barefoot, posing HER HOLY FEET on the gravel that formed the path.
When arriving at the Sanctuary, She went towards the interior of the cave, penetrating until the deepest sector of the same, where the space was almost minimum for Her humanity.
In that place, She placed HER Asana, sat down... and began to perform a Devotional Pooja; Making Consagrations in some sectors of the cave; *Depositing the Floral Offerings in a specific place* of the same. Mantras were chanted during the Ceremony and then we performed a Meditative Attitude practice.
These Pilgrimages were repeated daily, for the practice of Meditative Attitude, Night Homa, Darshan, among other activities.

Next Friday past... HOLY FRIDAY, for the Christian Community, I was deeply moved, when I saw the video sent by a TATri Devotee of Mataji, in which it has been registrated a **TATRI MIRACLE**, which has been manifested in the Sanctuary.
In that video, it can be observed that in the PLACE in which our Mataji has placed HER offerings to the Divine, *water has begun to flow in a mighty way*; The inhabitants and frequent visitors have expressed that in at least 50 years they have not seen water sprout in the Sanctuary in that way. When we were there, it was only appreciated in a sector, in which the "transpired" rock could be seen.

It may sound "Very Strong" for some MINDS, but for us, direct devotees of SatguruMa, TATri Miracle Alive... we take it as another Manifestation of *HER BLESSED STEPS... of HER DIVINE LOVE OF MOTHER*.

To BE A DIRECT WITNESS of this TATri Miracle... To have the Honor, Privilege and Blessing of accompanying and Serving  to YOUR DIVINE SEVA, surrendered to YOUR LOVE and CERTAINTY... Has Resignified and given Sense to My Existence ... I invocate... I beg to the SUPREME MANIFESTED GOD  IN YOU, MOTHER, the Clarity and Strength enough to be able to Honor you and Devotionate YOUR HOLY LOTUS FEET... 


Maha Chela Babaji Narayan 
(Carlos Alberto Chiapuzzo)
DNI: 17.836.942

TESTIMONY of Maha Cheli Bahuchara Bavani:

"Om TATri Om
Me, Bavani; direct devotee; I am blessed to witness a TATri Miracle occurred in Murcia - Spain on Easter Holy Friday April 2019 - where a spring of water has sprouted up within the Siddha Cave that my SatguruMA Sadhvi Paramahansa Tridevi Ma has activated with Her presence in the year 2018 February. 

Where I was accompanying Her service at that same date; we were in a TATri retreat of conscience of Adi Shakti. 

One day Mataji decided to go all together in pilgrimage to the cave that at the moment She has arrived, She felt it and said «I feel that place very strong, we will go meditate there» and that's how it was!

Mataji made pooja and put offerings of flowers and fruits inside the place that She felted. This place is exactly where a spring of water has flowed, abundant that runs through the same place where we have been with Mataji.

Her presence, which in my case represents God on this Earth, once again has manifested the Divine for Humanity through this Divine fact; such TATri Miracle. 

Because She is TATri and we are her TATri devotees blessed to feel, see and witness Her Divine presence on Earth.

I will honor you for an eternity my SatguruMA; 

your Maha Cheli Bahuchara Bavani".

Maha Cheli Bahuchara Bavani
Mariana Carolina Correa
DNI: 35.190.656

TESTIMONY of Maha Cheli Nayaki Anandi Devi:

"Om TATri Om

Here Maha Cheli Nayaki Anandi Devi, direct devotee of SatGuruMa Sadhvi Trideviji and direct experential witness on my own flesh of the TATri Miracle  Cueva Negra, Fortuna, Spain.

It has cost me to give form to words to this story so meaningful but it had to be told, because this event is not a minor fact, and also this way more hearts, that are there, have the possibility to know and open to feel the consciousness and love of the Supreme God through the heart of our SatGuruJi, who represents Him on this earth, with Her own flesh (body) and life and we who open our hearts, have the possibility of living with Her example and living Her existence here and now.

In this specific case, I adhere to each of the testimonies of my TATri brothers and companions that I feel, they have expressed so impeccably what we have lived and shared at that time. And here it goes what I can tell with words from my experience: After that morning we had made our way to the imposing black cave, once we arrived there, our PremAvataram, barefoot and with the neurodegenerative process that Her body carries on, She climbs up in a trance of certainty in connection with her Supreme God, takes a seat in a nook from the bottom of this cave, and offers some fruits and flowers between her prayers, blessing that sacred place and that punctual corner She felt. We accompanied Her, a unique moment, beautiful and timeless, as always, every moment is by her side.

This year, in San Luis, Argentina, during a retreat of TATri Padma Dhyana, one of the TATri techniques Treasures that our Mataji was entrusting and transmitting  us, on Holy Friday, informs us our brother and habitue of the black cave that there had been activated WATER and that squirted through the cave from the very corner that our SatGuruJi had felt and made the offerings and that he had never, in all his life, seen or even imagined, that this would happen.

Thank you SatGuruJiMa for allowing me to witness each of the miracles that spring up with each of your steps, of your existence, on this earth. That to live is to live from the moment we recognize you and we are reborn. That life with the consciousness that you transmit  us is the true magic and not the little sparkles and the little lights of colors. That the miracle is to live you. Such a huge blessing, that to give dimension with the mind is like wanting to catch water and not  draining through your fingers. That we can only live and understand life by the most important thing we have, as you transmit us, being in contact with our feelings and our hearts, in direct contact with yours.

'I have certainty, that each step observing YOU, will be a point of light in my consciousness and liberation'
Jay HO TATri Mata Shree KI!

Jay MA!

Maha Cheli Nayaki Anandi Devi
(Azul Rocío Carranza)
DNI: 35.900.033