God came to my life with your arrival. For me, you are God on earth, incarnate, holding my hand. You never let me go, there you are always to guide me whatever happens, giving me what my spirit needs at every moment.
You are the light that illuminates the darkness, you are the certainty when doubt abounds, you are the contention in every second of my life, you are the support of my TATri family.
Gratitude floods me when I feel you in me, and my devotion expands. How not to thank you? How not to devote myself to you? Your philosophy entered to my life and filled it with happiness, beyond the form, beyond the events, being greatful just for the fact of feeling, laughing, crying, waking up every day is a miracle, and being able to value life is thanks to your sacred philosophy, which resignified everything, and gave meaning to my existence.
I devote you second by second because it makes me feel love to myself, to you, and to everything that surrounds me. My devotion to you Mamaji makes me be in love with life! And I feel you beating in my heart, I see you in the eyes of my TATri son, in the sun that warms me, in the ground that sustains me, in the air I breathe.
May your light never be lacking, and with the great power of observation, be a point of light in my consciousness and liberation!
Love you deeply!
Jay Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki!


TATri Maha Bhakti Maya Devi
(Luciana Bruschtein)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Doc.nro: 31.877.724


One day ‘casually’ I got a picture of you, Mataji, and when I saw it, something in my soul exploded. There was also a message with the photo that fascinated me… Who is she? Where is she from? I wondered.

I had the audacity to ask you for friendship on Facebook and when you accepted me, I cried with emotion!

I searched and read all about You: interviews, audios, web broadcasts... My soul resonated with everything you said and I felt more than ever in my life that which had always been latent in me, and that no other external philosophy had been able to turn off.  

And there you were, my Beloved Mataji!, I asked you for shelter at Your Feet even without knowing you phisically.

Your Infinite Maternal Love will never cease to amaze me! And I say Maternal, because there are forms of love that only a mother can have as the infinite pacience and unconditional love for ALL her children.

There are no words that can describe the day I finally met you personally. I felt that my soul already knew you from many lifetimes ago.

Today I can say that, beyond the form, you are my Satguruji of this life and all lifetimes, that I bless every day because you are with me, in my heart. And because I know I'm not alone, you are there to get me up, to teach me, to love me...

And no matter where you are physically, you are already an inseparable part of me and I am certain that it will be for all eternity.

In this game of duality, I tell you my GurujiMa of my spririt:
                           I love you with all my being
                           I feel you deep inside me
                           I'm yours
                                                                          your Maha Devi Dasi

TATri Maha Bhakti Maha Devi Dasi
(Eugenia Maikia Pisano)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Doc.nro: 16.974.011


All that has happened in my life so far, it is worth and fair highlighting the last five months:
I was a witness of several events of divinity and authentic transmission of love that I have never lived before in my life.
I met Mataji at a talk in a hospital in San Luis, ARGENTINA, which I attended thanks to a person who invited me.

What She transmits in that talk came straight to my heart. I can remember all the talk, as a class you do not miss a single second of attention.
Since that day on I focused in follow everything which was about her.
Day after day going on , were they chances for me ? No, they were CAUSAlities, everything was connecting itself purely and divinely , She was always present, I could feel her presence, I read something and the echo of her voice repeated my reading.
Everyday it was more intense, each time She was closer, every moment I could not go through, there She was, her permanent gaze and her smile, giving the breath to overcome and move forward at every moment.

I must say, I haven't felt for long time such full and so human happiness that She transmitted constantly.

I had never met her before, I just saw her at that talk and she captivated my heart. I am a witness of the fact that she is real and divine human being that just in one talk She could make me see that life is to live and transit it as God gives it to you and She, Herself as living particle of Him, guided me, guides me to the path of life, to know how you can feel and experience all the ways of the same life.

My sadness which was there for years and which was never gone with anything suddenly disappeared.

In a talk with my eighty five-year old father, again and Causality? ( I say it because some days before I told her about his illness , postrated and with alzehimer ) I can now have a talk with my father , a father - daughter talk after eight years, I tell him that I met Mataji, what she transmitted to me, and I showed him some videos so that he can know who she is.

He… sitting down normally and following the thread of the conversation like two adults and without forgettings in between, he asked : daughter, how old are you ?
I replied: I’m forty two years old.

His authomatic reply was : It's about time you to live your life, you have taken care of me enough, if you have to go, just leave. I will miss you but it is time for you to live your own life.

And if your path to go is with Her, then do it, She has a voice that transmits a lot of peace and such eyes which gives you light, She is a Saint.
He had never talked like that before, he left me speechless.
He went on with his dialogue.... If your life is to follow Her teaching, her lessons I support you .
He added, You do not have to stay here, you have already done your duty with me.

This led me to insist on the fact that it was purely and exclusively part of Her Presence. He wouldn't have never told me that and He was never so lucid and self confident of what he was saying ( due to his illness ).

She was a divine apparition in my life, She teaches you to walk life path and face problems according to your steps in obedience to Her Supreme God and Herself as living particle here on earth. Without Her all this would not have happened.
I declare and maintain what I have stated.


Maria del Rosario Tejerina Castellino
(with her father in the picture)
Dni 25.564.987
San Luis, Argentina 


Om TATri Om!!!

Devotional testimony about the divine and true relationship beteween the Heart of our SatguruMA, our Goddess in the world and Her real devotee, beyond time and space.


by TATri Bhakta Swami Moksh:

How do I find a living Goddess?

I prayed and asked the Holy Mother to guide me.I received a dream in which I saw a living Goddess in orange sitting elevated on a throne. Her devotees sitting at her holy feet. On the wall there was a picture of Jesus. An icon showing Jesus as the Pantocrator. And a rosary. This vision in my dream expressed in a perfect way what Jesus Yoga is.When I went online in Facebook and I browsed the pictures and profiles that have been automatically suggested to my by Facebook..... a picture appeared that showed exactly my vision that I had in my dream!And on this picture the living Goddess was marked. So in a holy shock I clicked on the profile of Paramahansa Tridevi Ma.I did send her a message. And she replied immediately!

She told me that normally she would not be online orsomebody else would take care of the profile and it wasonly for some brief moments that she came online. She spiritually called me to meet her online!She showered her amazing blessings on me.I told her about my vision in my dream and I asked her “Are you a living Goddess on earth?”Paramahansa Tridevi Ma answered: “Yes I am !”In that moment when she spoke this powerful words,she let me feel all of Her divine presence. An experience that is beyond words. After a while She said to me: “Your name is pure divine grace”All of Her words touched my heart. When the divine gives you a name then divine is also taking ownership of you and giving you a purpose that is expressed by the name. So I asked:”Do I have the right name?” She was reading my mind knowing my thoughts and She answered: “Yes... don’t important the waythat you received this name, my soul, Moksh is your name.”While being excited by Her confirmation I noticed that she called me “her soul” and I understood but then asked Her specifically: “Did you give me this name?”She said: “Yes I did”So I knew She was a manifestation of the Divine Feminine connected with the Holy Mother.She named me and gave me my name and mission.Then Paramahansa Tridevi Ma revealed that She gave me my name to lead me to come to Her:“And by the guidance of this Blessed Name in energy and divine strengh, you have dyed clarity to feel me. To surrender the mind to your feeling and find me! Here I am, here we are!”

The living Goddess called me and I followed Her calling.She gave me my name and mission. She appeared first in my dream and then in Facebook.The living Goddess told me that already she was with me from the moment I consciously started to search for Her:”I was in South America and June 30, approximately, I heard a Voice of a man, in German lenguaje that said “Mutter” to my heart it was 3 AM I hugged him in my heart because I felt he needed all my love!And here you are!”

Mutter is the German word for mother, so the living Goddess already heard my prayers to the Holy Mother and She answered and did send me Her divine love and guidance.And finally on July 9th she appeared in Facebook in front of me.

What then happened can not be fully described by words...The living Goddess installed Herself in my heart.She said: “I live in your heartMy divine manifestation from now is on your inner heartyou are freeBe Moksh”She did let me experience Her divine self, let me feel her power, entered and filled me with Divine Love. Goddess is working through me now! And the living Goddess put all her blessings on my mission.She gave me pictures of Her Holy Feet that I create artworks of Her Holy Feet and combine this artworks with real parts of the Shroud of Turin.Surrendering to the Holy Feet of the living Goddess destroys the ego and opens ourself to receive the divine blessings.And amazing blessings flow through the Living Goddess. She is connecting heaven and earth, She is a channel for the Divine Energy, which enters Her crown and flows through Her body to radiate from Her Holy Feet to bless this planet and all mankind. The more one worships and surrenders to the Holy Feet of the Living Goddess the more one gets rid of the ego and opens oneself to receive the Divine Energy that radiate from the Holy Feet of the Living Goddess.

Now I spread the artworks of the Holy Feet of Living Goddess to bring Her blessings to mankind. Together with TATri Maha Chela Akasha Sanandana I started this art project:

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