"Om TATri Om. 

One of those days when I wasn't having a very good health and emotional phase I discovered that the MAMAJI's altar where I had been celebrating the TATri Mata Poojas on Wednesdays and more time had been spent in prayers and TATri practices (I have several TATri altars distributed around the house). Salt crystals have appeared in the image that MAMAJI's face is merged with BABAJI's. 

The biggest surprise was When analyzing the image I could see that the salt was only found in the image of MAMAJI. 

In addition to the salt in the picture there were also salt crystals in a plastic photo stand that held it. 

Thank you Beloved MOTHER of the world, for that manifestation in my home of YOUR Presence and Energy.

Om TATri Om".




Om TATri Om

I want to share the TATri Miracle that happened at the TATri Mata Ashram New Zealand on May 1, 2021. Fifteen days before, the direct devotees of our SatGuruMaa realized an International TATri Aarti and TATri Homa, each one in their homes connected with her heart.

After two weeks, I realize that the paper where the TATri Purna Sutra and the TATri Invocation are, as well as the blessing photo of our Mamaji, had been filled with salt! It was a surprise and a Maha TATri blessing to be able to witness the TATri Miracle of salt materialization in our TATri Mata Ashram by the energy, love and omnipresence of our SatGuruMaa.

In devotion to your presence and guidance in our lives, to your tools and your love, to your Durga and your Kali, by saving my life second by second. Surrendered to your feet forever my Divine Mother, my SatGuruMaa, my Mamaji✨ ♥ ️🙏 ♥ ️✨

Jay Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki!



TATri Maha Bhakti Maya Devi
Luciana Valeria Bruschtein
DNI : 31.877.724


I wanted to share with everyone the TATri Miracle that happened last Monday 06/28/2021 at the TATri Mata Bhakti Ashram Camino de Santiago in Ponferrada-Spain.

Last night I discovered that in the photo that presides over the altar of the hall dedicated to Maha Avatar MamajiBabaji, a trail had manifested itself as a tear fell from Mamaji's right eye. Just the eye that belongs to Mamaji in the composition of the photo.

It is a TEAR OF SALT !! At the edges it is appreciated the beginning of crystallization.

I am so excited !! A Maha Blessing of the Avatar !!

It is the third tear that is manifested in the TATri Ashram, all of which are in Mamaji's right eye in different photos and works dedicated to Her. Thank you SatguruMa Ji for this manifestation of your Divine Love for all your children!!

All this has happened during the already long period of fasting that our Mataji has been doing for 25 days. Jai Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki !! 💗💕

To further accentuate this sign. Today at noon on the 29th a bee entered through a window near the photo of the Maha Avatar.

I was able to take it out again. After closing all the windows. After a while I heard a buzzing noise. The bee was INSIDE again! I don't know how it could do it. At first it was almost impossible. Completely surprised I threw it out again. After a while I heard the buzz again... IT WAS INSIDE AGAIN. Completely overwhelmed I threw it out and it did not come back. I can't explain how it all happened.
Three times the bee entered... TRIDEVI MA!

Great Signs of God's Love !!

Jai Ho Maha Avatar Ki !! 🌟 

Jai Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki !! JAI !!! 🌎💗💕


Maha Chela Akash Sanandana Das
Carlos Becerra Luna
DNI : 28775543J
Ponferrada - España


Testimony of the materialization of salt in the images and altars of Satgurumaa Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevji placed in my home in the summer of 2020.

In my home, the home appliances were breaking a lot, the light bulbs exploded and I used to have power cuts. All this coupled with a discomfort that causes me to be at home. In those days due to the confinement of the 2020 pandemic we were long time without going out and it was charged by electrons by the electronic devices. 

This is how my MAMAJI told me when I contacted her online to find answers and solutions. So Satgurumaa Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevji, in addition to reassuring me by informing me of the reason for the load in the house, recommended that I put Himalayan salt lamps in the rooms or, if not, glasses of water with salt that would do the same function. In addition to cleaning the whole house with water and three tablespoons of salt (chanting the mantra when putting the salt in the water 'Aum Bagavate Trideviye Namaha'. 

I went through the whole process and began to notice how cleaner the air felt in my home, the electrical appliances stopped breaking down, I stopped suffering power cuts and the best thing was that my daughters and I were much calmer.

A few weeks passed and I was discovering how little by little the images that I have spread throughout my house of 'Satgurumaa Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevji' my Mataji had been literally turning into salt. The salt grew from the glasses as expected, something that MAMAJI told me and that I was putting back inside. (She was indicating to me that it was by the process of the purification salt).

But what she didn't expect was that her images were also covered in salt. And that the salt materialized by the altars where the objects and pictures were for my devotion to God. Aum Bagavate Trideviye Namaha.



Maha Cheli Bhakti Sittaram Dasi
(María Isabel Sanchez Gaviria)
DNI 154053350L
Sevilla - Spain


Om TATri Om, I´m Tara Devi, Maha Cheli and TATri Acharya of my SATGURUMAA PARAMAHANSA SADHVI TRIDEVIJI and I want to share the Testimony of a TATri MIRACLE that has happened in
TATri Mata Ashram NIDO during the celebrations of JAYANTI Of our SATGURUMA 🌸🌸🌸

Having had the honor of being able to prepare the special armchair for the celebration of the TATri Mata SHREE Jayanti, with the flower offerings of the devotees of the TATri Community Buenos Aires, as our Mamaji gave us the possibility to make, I felt leaving the chair armed for 14 more days.

 On the day I set out to disarm it with all that that implies on an energy level, for my BLESSED surprise, I found that the Sree Yantra of Tripura Sundari.

(Important detail: this item I bought in 2016 on my first trip to India with MAMAJI in the blessing of being able to accompany Her on Her Seva there, and to buy under HER suggestion, which I remember indicated to me that it would be very important that I always had it close, and it was so since then).

And when I went to accommodate him back at the altar at Mamaji's feet I see that there was something new there 👀😳👀... it looked like Salt and my mind said 😱😳😱 what's that?!?!?

 I sent a photo to Mamaji to show HER what I had found and SHE instructed me to taste it to see if it was salty, and so it was, I tasted and it was salty, and it was not only the materialization of the Salt in the Sree Yantra but the detail of where it was: 😱 at link number 9 😳😳😳.

My mind still does not take dimension of the blessing that all this means in my life😭😭😭, but once again I feel that it is INFINITE and that it goes beyond what I can express in words or what my ignorant human mind can understand 😭 She is the "Salt of My Life", in the literal sense of giving it "flavor" and "intensifying" EVERYTHING.

She is the REASON of my existence and the one that gives meaning to my life, today I said: Mamaji My life is Life, only if it is lived by YOU, serving you whatever, but at your service.

NEVER I'm going to forget that a few months after meeting Her, we were in her Belgrano ASHRAM, and She told me: "My love if you don't start "living" soon you're going to get sick", at that time I was quite malnourished (literally nutritionally) because I still didn't eat TATri as I started when I started being able to accompany Mamaji in HER service.

 I will never forget that feeling of what made me aware back then: I was only "existing", but I was a long way from living 😳😳😳, something I ONLY felt and feel when it is to serve you, THAT is, to live the TATri LIFE.

And today, finding that confirmation is but a symbol of the infinite Blessing which means to be able to serve you my GODMAMAJI, to be a Witness of God on Earth, from HER infinite compassion to HER Sons, to HER brothers on the planet, from HER Infinite LOVE to ALL beings of all worlds,

Mother who preserves Life Always, the Salt of our existence. The one that intensifies and gives SENSE to our lives. I only ask every day that my mind surrender to understand SUCH a blessing which is to be able to walk so close to your steps and witness them.

THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME LIFE, show me the TATri LIFE that YOU ARE and with which you rescue me Second to Second by intensifying every day LIVED at your side. 

Forever and eternal mind and heart at YOUR feet my GODMAMAJI. 




TATri Anna Acharya Maha Cheli Beti Tara Devi MAA
(Laura Mariela Sztutwojner)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
DNI: 33.768.165

THE MIRACLE OF SALTFormations of Salt Crystals on toilet soups used by SatguruMA Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi ji.
(Argentina - India - España - Brasil)
I had the bessing of assisting and serving Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi Ma for 45 days this spring of 2019 in Argentina.  It was the greatest experience I have ever lived.  Being at Her side requieres physical, emotional, mental strenght and resistance because She is always serving humanity, 24 hours 7 days a weeak.  It was a plesure and a deep learning process that is sealed in my spirit and soul for ever.

As a wittness of one Her Sidhis (dones divinos) I was able to be present to see the beauty of salt growing in Her  bars of soaps. The miracle of the materialization of salt happened in front of me during Her stay. Mataji stated: "This happens to me since I was a child but I didn' give the importace it has; I just used the soaps again and again" and She laughed...

Mataji will open and use a body soap, and salt began to grow...first the yellow soap, then the purple and then on and on so many of them that I lost count.  I belive there were around 6 or 7  soaps that, this way around,  She won't use again.  The salt  began to appear on the edges of the soap in shapes of small cristal rocks and delicate tiny needles messuring more than 1 centimeter; salt wil grow from the second She touched the bar of soap. 

 My spirit was so pleased with this beauty... I was astonished and exited, I will look at them every moment that I could, and watched them grow...One of those days, shyly, I asked Mataji if I could have one of them and She agreed, and opening a new bar of soap she said to me -"I don't know if IT will happen" but I was so sure that salt will appear that I also kept the wrap; minutes later not only salt appeared on the soap but in its wrap.  

Mataji decided for these soaps to stay at Her ashrams in Buenos Aires to be seen for anyone who want to see them and as a blessing for humanity.

Mataji's words about this Salt: "The Salt that I materialize is Amrita (Divine Nectar). It can be sweet or salty. And what is interesting to observe through the materialization of the salt is: VIBHUTI IS COMMON TO BE MATERIALIZED, rings, lingas... all of them can be Created by man and then if you Offer it to God beyond being materialized or not: IT IS SACRED! And the Salt that I materialize it can ONLY BE DONE BY PROPITIOUS CONDITIONS OF NATURE, THAT IS GOD THROUGH ME!".

TATri Maha Bhakti Arya Devi
Flavia Alejandra Maucci
DNI 13677324







THE HOLY BIBLE: Matthew 5:13-16

Salt and Light

13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.


TATri Miracle - Salt formations in prayer cards TATri Poorna Sutra and TATri Invocation of our SatGuruMa Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi Ma.
(Buenos Aires - Argentine)

On my bedside table I have two little images with the prayers that our GurujiMa has channeled and shared with us, they have been there for more than a year and a half. This little table is located in a space that Mataji has blessed and named TATri Ashram Shiva Shakti, in which two of her direct devotees live, Maha Bhakti Parvathi Sundari and Maha Bhakta Triloshan Sundar.

Two or three weeks ago Triloshan saw that the images had a strange texture. He took them and brought them to me, thinking that they were humid. At that moment I looked at them, I thought they had been damaged, but I grabbed them and put them back on the bedside table.

On Tuesday June 4, 2019 at 23:52 TATri Yogini Maha Bhakti Soma Ma shared a testimony with us. 

At that time I did not have the mobile phone, and after half an hour, Triloshan looked at me and said: "I want you to read the testimony she has sent". He gave me his phone, I started reading and when I finished, I rose my head and we automatically looked at each other and remembered the images on my bedside table.

These images have SALT FORMATIONS in absolutely all their surface. No! It was not humidity. The mind might think it is moisture or any other option but in any case they would not have salt, they would have stains or mold. So, how is it possible that salt materializes on the two sacred prayers of our GurujiMa?

The answer in words of our Mataji: "We are faced with a TATri Miracle around an element of the nature that has been materialized, generated through the divine manifestation that is through my being, it is a TATri Miracle, magic of life itself, it is what gives flavor, it's what ignites the taste of everything we can ingest".

In the same period of time there have been three testimonies about the materialization of salt in images, cape and prayers of our TATri Mata Shree, and these three materializations have taken place among their closest devotees, to whom Mataji told “You, my loves, are the Salt of the Earth that will never be insipid while the Devotion holds your Steps”.

My TATri Mata Shree, You are the salt that returns and ignites the flavor of our lives through your love and feelings. May the Devotion always keep our steps, may the mind always surrender so that its light guides our paths, may our heart is always in connection with the Supreme God through your Heart and yourself.

Jay Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki !

Maha Bhakti Parvathi Sundari
(Elisa María Bolert)
DNI 32.824.588
Buenos Aires, Argentina
June 5th, 2019

TATri Miracle - Salt Formation on Blessing Image of Our TATri Mata Shree (San Luis - Argentine):

A few months ago I was feeling very sorry to see how one of the images of Mataji's Blessing had been bent... it was wet and with a strange texture…

Considering the TATri Miracle that happened this days on a mantle where MataJi has been sitting and how perfect crystals of salt have been created, I remembered this image!  The image of Mataji’s Blessing. And today I can realized that the image I left once year ago on a shelf (very high) is still wet!  And with Salt!

Without even a drop of humidity or even a leak in my house, the image is wet and also has salt. It has salt formation in almost all image.

Today, 4th June, 2019, after telling MataJi in person about this TATri Miracle, I climb on a chair to look for the image, and I see that the wood, which is in the same place, is also wet and has formations of salt too!

Small salts crystals can be seen in the pictures attached at the end of this document.  Moreover, today I have seen that another image of Blessing (The same), had humidity and salt.
It is relevant to say that on that shelf I have other books considered Holy Scriptures such as the Bhagavad-Gita, also the book Autobiography of A Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, another book that has been given to me by an evangelist and the book of TATri Yoga.

All the books are in perfect condition, without showing any sign of humidity or salt formation, except the book of TATri Yoga, which is folded by humidity.

Really, there is no explanation for the existence of humidity, specifically in that place, specifically in those two images where MataJi is and in that Book of TATri Yoga. In addition to that, the formation of Salt in both images.

I am very happy to witness the magic that Is Our GuruJi, Sadvhi Triidevi Ma Paramahansa Tirth Maharaj, and that it manifests physically and tangibly through different forms.

Maha Bhakti Soma MA
(Ayelén Abigail López)
DNI 40.722.304
TATri Press and Communications Adviser in South America of The Internacional Union TATri Yoga Gurukul
June 4th, 2019

TATri Miracle - Formations of Salt Crystals on Mantle. (San Luis - Argentine)

On May 23 after finishing the TATri Detox Retreat that took place in San Luis, I, Maha Bhakti Tapasya MA, had to unpick the altar and place where Mataji had made her TATri transmissions, practices and Darshans.
Here in San Luis Province, since a Few years ago, we use the same orange mantle to build the altar of Our Mataji.
This year, when I took it out for storage, I noticed that salt crystals had been formed in several parts of it (attached photographs of them).
The formations of these crystals are perfect, you can contemplate with great detail the purity and geometry of them.
That mantle has been located under Our SatguruMA Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi Ji throughout these years, On TATri Darshans, TATri meditations,  TATri Retreats and all the activities that have been performed in her presence, as well as others we had used as a base, but this is the first time that this TATri Miracle represented in the Salt crystals happened : the armchair and its covers, the cushions, nothing has signs of humidity even the places where this mantle has been kept, considering that for those who have the honor of preparing the altar of Our Mataji, each element is kept in the best possible conditions for its preservation.

Observing the manifestation of this TATri Miracle, I can only remember the words that Mataji has transmitted us in this last TATri DETOX Retreat in San Luis, Argentina, about  the importance of salt, a natural element of Our Earth, that revives and enhances The flavors of foods and I can't t stop feeling Mataji as the salt that has revive every part of my being, re-meaning my steps and feelings with The TATri Vidya that She IS and LIVES, being a LIVING GENUINE EXAMPLE that has connected me with the Divinity that is inside me and  I had denied it, in an ignorant way.
May EVERYTHING be for the honor and glory of the Supreme God through our SatguruMA Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi Ji.



Maha Bhakti Tapasya MA
(María Milagros Correa)
DNI 39.394.801
San Luis, Argentina.
June 4th, 2019