My name is Maha Bhakti Arya Devi, I met Prem Avataram Paramahansa Swami Ma Tridevi Sundarianand Saraswati Tirh Maharani, Mataji, in June 2017.

After TATri meetings, TATri retreats and TATri trainings with Her, I  corroborated with my own experience that Her transmissions and lessons were changing my life into a physical, mental and spiritual way,  so I decided to walk beside Her.

I had lived many important experiences in my life before I met Her, and because of that I  wasn't able to recognize the path which led me to Mataji.
Although the spiritual ways that I had passed through have been so deep, none of them have affected my body, mind and spirit simultaneously as TATri has done, balancing my whole being in an integrated and fundamental way.
When I realized with my own experience that Her Vidya was changing every molecule of my whole being, that my pains was healing, that my energy was getting constant and that my emotions were fully being balanced, nothing, even nobody could stop my decision to walk beside Her.

First I knew about TATri conscious feed. My eyes and emotions seemed to not be able to contemplate TATri cooking at all, legumes and vegetables were singing their own life song in TATri Vidya alchemy.
Now I feel joyful when I am cooking, because food is cooked in a very Harmonious and lovely unique way.
TATri Feeding is also based on absolute respect for the psychophysical state of the person who ingests them, not only because of the way of cutting and cooking vegetables and legumes but also conscious attitude in which they are ingested.
Vegetables slices, colours and the order in which they are included in the prep gain meaning.
"Arya, you eat healthy... but it is not only about eating healthy, it is also about what you need" Mataji's words.
It is not about eating Healthy, it is about eating what I really need; it means to stay connected with myself and my emotions"... what a revelation! because not only about knowing nutritional value of each food, but It is also about being aware about my body nutritional needs. So it  Is not that to be connected with myself from the very basics of the human being, that food is? Cooking and feeding, joy for body and spirit. It used to be impossible for me and I suffered because of that. But now I discover my love for myself in this basic act of feeding.

My health state used to usually change time to time, and after TATri retreat and TATri Detox, feeling joy because of my New TATri Path, I went to the doctor for annual physical checks. My blood analysis went wrong, the alpha fetoprotein (which indicates the existence of tumors) level was high.
After TATri Detox, I felt my liver was not good, even I felt ill. I told Mataji and She recommended me to meet a specialized doctor; after  several clinic studies, a tumor located deep in my liver for 2 or 3 years ago was discovered. Why wasn't it detected before,  if I had made many clinic studies, at the same place and with the same professionals? The answer is that my body was contaminated in such way that tumor was undetectable.
After TATri Detox, my organs were cleaned in such way to make visible my liver tumor, I am sure of that fact!!!.Liver Surgery was necessary because of a cancer nodule.

Mataji told me "Walk in certainty", and I remembered her example and words "Maybe my body was ill, but my spirit does not".
I was calm when I arrived to surgery room, feeling the certainty that everything would be good, and life put on my way a great chance for reflection, and finally I focused in my truth before surgery, and then It would be a beautiful beginning. Everything went perfect and 6 months after surgery I checked my liver and tumor had healed.

I am sure that this TATri miracle was possible because I had feeded a "mental actitud"( Mataji's words) had changed on me.
My doctor told me excited: your liver is a beauty now... no tumor traces and no cancer.

Thank you so much TATri Vidya that Mataji is, lovely Sadhvi Tridevi Ma , for your lesson about loving myself and healing me with everything that wise nature gives us, with your TATri love. I love You.

Flavia Maucci 

Maha Bhakti Arya Devi
(Flavia Maucci)
Santa Fe, Argentina
DNI: 13.677.324


Om TATri Om, it is quite difficult to address in words so many deep feelings that awakened and continues to awaken Mataji with Her TATri Vydia in my heart, from the moment I met Her. 

I will describe as an example that first day, it was in a monthly guided meditation, that at that time we had the privilege of receiving from our Guruji in person, I had had my my daughter Eugenia 7 months ago, and at that time, went through these contradictions of the recent maternity, of feeling a lioness protecting her calf and at the same time disconnected from my possibilities temporarily limited to her, and her needs. 

So many people had attended that day that there was no room for a pin, we entered almost perfectly without touching each other. I arrived right on schedule and worried not to be late because I was traveling from an hour and a half, with physical exhaustion and a thousand little voices in my head that wouldn’t stop harassing me, and the instant She spoke to us, Everything disappeared, it’s something that I learned over time that happens in Her presence, everything mental disappears, there is only that instant second by second and one can see the wonder of life living in one, with only a second of Her presence. 

Among so many other feelings and feelings that surfaced that day, I felt that I never wanted to stop being there, stop sharing Her presence, stop feeling Her. As I left the meditation I felt light, grateful, excited, everything was shining in a beautiful way, I was in a T-shirt and vest and it was 10 degrees and the girls who had let me know about the meditation, they said warm up! It’s cold! And I, on the other hand, felt that wind was like a summer breeze in the night. I returned back home the whole trip on bus feeling, feeling and feeling, fascinated. 

After that, I began to go more often and God blessed me with the possibility of receiving Parampara (teaching teacher to disciple) with Her, and everything in my life slowly and to my measure was taking another meaning, every event of my life took sense and resignified from Her hand. As I said at first, I could try to describe for hours the magic of Her presence in my life, but suffice it to say that in this world in which we live and as humanity we have been systematically destroying, I feel increasingly free, more responsible for my acts, more sincere, more real and more human than ever, and I know that I have much humbly to expand on that which means to be Human, but as my Guruji teaches us from Her example, I will continue observing myself and taking the learning that life gives me, whether my mind likes or not the things I have to live. And also saying that life has not been easy for my mind, But I have been able to resignify and value it in an incredible way. 

In a way that does not fit in this body nor in a thousand more, the gratitude and love I feel towards my SatguruMa Paramahansa sadhvi TrideviJi.

Jai Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki 

Maha Bhakti Aarti Devi
(Arlet Viviana Chiozza Barceló)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
DNI: 28.589.716


LIVING YOU in my Heart is to LIVE...

“The Truth it is not made by words, it is made by feelings”
TATri Vidya By Paramahansa SatguruMA Sadhvi TrideviJI

Here I am, trying to put into words my feelings, what YOUR existence makes me feel… and it's almost an impossible mission, but NECESSARY, because being witness of whom for me it is GOD on Earth, it is an infinite responsibility to give testimony about The Miracle of HER Existence...

Her presence CONNECTS me, living with Her is living with The Certainty, is to lose fear to anything that The Mind could believe, is to walk feeling each step in an intensive way, is to contemplate the thousands of possibilities, The options, The colours And make use of the possibility that SHE gives me, The observation…

Living by Her side is living with the certainty that anything that could happen I will be able to transit it, living by Her side Everything turns into possible, and does not exist The impossible, being by Her side is living intensely, it is what makes My heart beats harder, it is to grow up each second contemplating Her Example, because in each particle of Her Being there IS The divinity incarnated and transcripted to be readen through Her steps...

Living with The GOD’s Supreme Personality is to understand that GOD is in everything, that everything it’s sustained On His Supreme willness, were there is NO space for doubt, were He/She only offers me certainty and invites me to live it...

Living by Her side is to understand The responsibility that comes with The Freedom of Being that she Shows me, walking near Her is to feel that The Time will no longer be what i believed it was… were every little Action invites me to observe, to be responsible, to breath and to constat The life that I am...

By Her side I lose The fear, by Her side I grew and feel that anything that She ask me to do, I will be able to do it, because that’s how She saw me from The very first moment and here I am, being the woman that I can Be today thanks to Her ETERNAL EXAMPLE, thanks to HER LOVE, Her CERTAINTY that always guided me and will still doing it...

Being “away” of Her is to having Her with me more than ever, is to see Her in everything that I contemplate, in the animals, in the plants, in the trees, in the Sky, in the Flowers, in the rain, in the Sun, all of these I feel that she offers me with HER Existence, I feel Her and see Her in everything, in everyone, and HER life only invites me to always be the best version of myself so I can serve like Her and Her Eternal willness need it...

TATri is The reason that gives movement to my life, it is the expanded happiness and plenitude, it is The Nature ALIVE, it the feelings FELT and like I’ve never felted, is to know that She Always goes first because Her willness is The Willness of the entire and eternal worlds...

Walking by Her side is knowing that the words would never be enough and that the Thanks I Can only feel it in My heart because the real GRATITUDE to Her existence it is SO INFINITE that days and lifes would never be enough to be able to express

Being next to Her is loving myself, because only Like this she permits me to be close, She Only wants to preserve me, and shows me how to love myself…

Walking by Her side it is like a rollercoaster every second, The most amazing adventure that I’ve never could imagine, SHE is The answer to every question that I’ve always had and that yet I’m not aware that I can ask, but with The certainty that She will always be The answer…


She is LIMITS that preserve, She is the destruction that builds the best versión of myself, She is the biggest LOVE  that I could ever feel, Is The love of My life and for whom I would give My life, because my life would never be life if She wouldn't be in mine.

She is My GOD, and how can I not feel GOD in Her if my own life its and example and testimony that She, with Her life has changed completely mine?

And that beyond this fact, I’ve had the blessing to be witness of seeing thousands of lifes changing thanks to Her life...

If HER is here to SHOW us THe Way, and not just with words, but with ACTIONS, with silence, with observation, with preservation, with destruction, with love in all its manifestations…

PRAISED be HER name that with Her life gives us life beyond consciousness, SHE IS Existence.

May YOUR name always be known by the great work that You has come to do, TO RESCUE OUR HUMAN IDENTITY with infinite responsibility to our own spirits that sustains in YOU, glorious Mother, Father and Holy Spirit, the incarnated TRInity to bring in front of our faces the image of GOD in a human body…

And YOU don't say anything, you just ARE and that's how we feel you, that's how we Live You and in our hearts we feel your warm beat…
YOUR love takes of the cold that I feel, YOUR Breath makes me breath, Your step encourage and guide mine, YOUR light gives light to my path...

 My GOD, My first and only TRUE love, YOU are My Way, My truth and My life, and I will always be in debt with life, because it has given me The Miracle of having you in front of My eyes that are the ones that best describe My feelings, when I can’t express in words what I feel for Her, just contemplate my expression when I see Her and will understand what I feel in the Deep of My Heart to Her existence…

She is my Joy, She is my smile, my cry, My emotion, my calm, my peace, my eternal sunshine, The Sun that gives me heat, the holy rain that always shows me the Rainbow at the end and the Eternal colours that Makes me vibrate…

I only ask for discernment and clarity to Honor you in body, mind and Spirit just as YOU Honor us every second giving us The gift of one more second of life...because LIVING YOU in my Heart is to LIVE.

Maha Cheli Beti Tara Devi proud, blessed, honour and happy to serve you my eternal Goddes SATGURUMA PARAMAHANSA SADHVI TRIDEVIJI. 

Maha Cheli Beti Tara Devi
Laura Mariela Sztutwojner
Buenos Aires, Argentina
DNI: 33.768.165

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