TATri Kriya Pranayama is a conscious breathing tool, mood stabilizing. One of the main techniques developed by our SatguruMA Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi ji. 
It is based on conscious breathing: Swara Yoga.
And the purification through it: Kriya. 

The basic difference between TATri conscious breathing or TATri Kriya Pranayama and the other classic Pranayama techniques is that in this technique, inhalation and exhalation is consciously and actively.

It has 3 types :
- TATri Kriya Pranayama Surya ☀: this practice is advisable in the morning when waking up to start the day with energy. Or as TATri Chikitsa mood stabilizer in case of fatigue or depression.  

- TATri Kriya Pranayama Mandala 🏵: this practice is advisable in the middle of the day, to stabilize the energy. Or as TATri Chikitsa to provide the body more resistance to continue and finish with the daily demand.  
- TATri Kriya Pranayama Chandra 🌜: This practice is advisable before going to sleep for relaxation and rest. Or as TATri Chikitsa mood stabilizing in cases of anxiety crisis, panic and accompany people with a tendency to suffer heart attacks and/or respiratory attacks.

Breathing is performed in 3 zones:
- Abdominal
- Intercostal (rib)
- Pectoral

It has already been verified by Scientific Research, that this technique as well as other conscious breathing techniques, act directly on the cardiorespiratory system favoring the oxygenation and regeneration of the body from the cells. Thus releasing naturally, antiinflamatory and endogenous sedatives that induce stabilization of the practitioner's mood.

Not to mention the practical and functional verification of the TATri practitioners and devotees that we have implemented day by day this magical tool, when one feels anxious, stressed, without spirit or energy. I can see from my own practical experience, the change that happens by applying this TATri technique, wich is "the great tool" that accompanies us to face the day, in an attitude of freedom to be with the responsability of being conscious of our daily breathing.

TATri Vidya of our Mataji about the TATri Conscious Breath:

"Conscious breathing gives us the possibility to feel the embrace of the divine breath that sustains us this life that we are as a possibility of transcendence second to second".    
*By TATri Yoga Professor and TATri Dhyana Instructor:
Maha Cheli Bahuchara Bavani.
San Luis - Argentina