Om TATri Om

I would like to share with all of you a great blessing that I am experiencing in my home, the TATri Ashram of Ponferrada, Spain since the night of November 24, 2019. 

A bit later of doing  a Mata Pooja in honor of Mamaji, in comunion with european devotees, with the inteniton that Mamaji's Divine Sandals might rest in Mother Ashram of Ponferrada,  I realized that in one of Mamaji's picture, situated in a small altar between  the kitchen and the living room, there was a tear on Mamaji's right chick. 

I observed with attention and yes!! There was a tear!! suspended over the cristal of the picture.  

I touched it and I felt somthing special!! a Great Blessing...

The next day when I looked at the picture again,  there still was... the tear. 

There was like a trail of a tear  from the right eye. It was wonderful!! 

The liquid was thicker than water. Like a salt tear; Divine Salty Amrta. A blessing for any of us who are open to feel the Signs that God gives us as a present through Mamaji.

Jai Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki!!
Siempre a tus pies de Loto.
Una lágrima de la Divina TATri Maha Tripura Sundari💗💕

🌿🌸AumBagavate Tridevye Namaha🌸🌿

Maha Chela Akasha Sanandana
Carlos Becerra Luna
DNI: 28775543J




Om TATri Om

There are many "miracles" that I have witnessed being in Shanga and alone, coming from, or because of the presence of Our Satguru Ma Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi Ji, She is The Miracle itself, but ... What is a miracle?

A "miracle" is that which is felt, perceived and lived in the heart , the mind in front of a Miracle, remains mute, with mouth Wide - open, and of course if we try to understand it or give it an explanation, we stop perceiving the Magic that it is!

I said that Mataji is the miracle in itself, because  is Her who I feel, beyond form, time and space, when I live "miracles"; It is She who guides me from the inside at those moments! And this time I am not talking about miracles of supernatural, scientifically inexplicable facts (although the mind, incredulous and limited, can always believe to have an explanation for everything), which break physical natural's laws  ... Although I have also witnessed them, I speak of "small" or "simple" things that have changed my life, which makes them immeasurable and unpayable, because in those moments, is when I feel my Satguruji Ma, accompanying me, that as I said, it is present, I feel it by my side, in me, beyond Her being at thousands of kilómetros faraway . This happens very strongly in TATri Meditations, during the Poojas, in the TATri classes, on these occasions Mataji is present, and that Presence is always feeling there, even I can not see or touch Her, but I feel Her inside, in the heart, guiding us! , I see Her in my TATri Shanga's brothers, I feel Her inside me, and the heart beats, beats strong, the mind loses dialogue and the certainty of being on the way, at the right time and place always, is revived !. .. This is Magic for me, miracle, Living Mataji in our hearts, is the greatest miracle and treasure of my life, I can never put into words what this really means !!!, This is LOVE, real love, the one that frees you, that one that leads you to love others and yourself, that one that teaches you to respect others and yourself, is through That Love, that I can gradually, and step by step, Love.

Mataji transmits to us (through Her word, with Her own lived experience) that:
"GOD LIVES US" ... "God only needs to be ... to be genuine"
"I don't need minds, but hearts beating and holding my steps at the same rhythm of God's heart!"

May I always surrend my mind, to Be in God….


Maha Bhakti Sita Ram
Ana Marina Martinez
DNI 31.433.373            


I would like to decalre to my SatGuru Paramahansa Sadhvi Trideviji what I experienced.

I Didn't know Her and I have never heard of Her...neither I knew devotees or people that  knew her or met Her. Simply, I was listening to a radio program that I used to tuned frequently, and there She was being interviewed.

At the begining, I couldn' t  differenciate if her voice was of someone young or  much older.  She was being inteviewed before performing  Her TATri Adi Shakti, TATri Consciousness Retreat, that was performed for the fifth time in our city. 

I used  to seat, already for several years, across the river where she gives Her TATri Retreats without any clue that, on the other side of this river, was my SatGuru; moreover, I have to stand out that this radio station was 50 meters from my job.

Anyway, back to the point, on the radio She said that one of the techniques that She chanalized, developed and saved Her life was "The Padma Dhyan Open Mind" a  technique of Meditative Attitude. Whence, without doubting and in a rush, I sent a message to the radio program asking if She could share more about this technique. To the which, SatGuruMa Paramahansa Sadhvi Trideviji proposed one minute of Her technique.

What I experienced at that moment was like I was taken away from where I was bringing  me, in a consciuos level, to another place, another dimension different from the which my body was. I was surprised because it was such a short time and guidance!
At that very moment, everything fell from my hands and from my mind, everything slumped, I remain with my mouth open.

-I said sighging: Woww...- and I declare: Isn't She a nice and likeable yoga teacher with techniques learned at memory from some little handbook!!!

It was something really GREAT and Unique! which I couldn't quite explain, there wasn't any logic, nothing that could produce a practice or merit! and I wasn't not a maditador nor anything like it, on the contrary!

Then I realized that it  was something so Great and Amazing that I belived it will never become a reality!

They continued with the interview and to towards the end they asked Her if She would like to add anything else, that she had a minute all to Herself, and SatGuru said:
-"May I chant a mantra?"
For what came next I would like to state that I sucumbed to a spiritual crush! without knowing or seeing Her visage ever!
She began to chant a mantra... I remember was Om Namah Shivaya, TATri bhajans, it doesn't exist anywhere else and is tottaly unique! Its melody has an antique flavor and at the same time it is fresh, vivrant, pure Divine nectar.

My life was complicated at that moment with my own limitatons and I wasn't giving myself permission  to experiment emotions because there was only sapce for pain and desperation.

At the begining of the mantra I refused to feel... My heart was blocked and I wasn't able to feel. And somewhat, while She chanted the mantra, I couldn' resist any longer, I experienced Her Divine voice drilling my resistance.  I was able to feel! My body experienced hit and cold and in my heart, while listening  Her singing the Divine TATRI bhajans, there was an explosion of Harmony,   Love, Beauty and Devotion!... My heart bitted strognly like a galloping horse.

Then, I realized, that She was a spiritual being of  Great capacity. A gigantic being! I also realized that She not only was chanting, but that all Her being was entering my heart throughout that vibration.
To end this testimony, I would like to add that to be in the presence of SatGuruji Ma is possible to find the spiritual appeasement and consolation for your heart that we weren't able to find in our entire life.

I give faith and testimony that this fact "Is" and can happen to others what is hapening with me!
At Her side I can experience a vivid LOVE, so intense, profound and ablaze, that can only come from GOD itself!
This is how I experience IT.


Maha Bhakta Garuda Raj
(Gustavo Juan Di Napoli)
DNI 25.463.233


The Day That Everything Began.

Undertaking this writing to capture the experiences with Mataji is, for me, a great challenge. To be able to honor all that I felt in those moments, giving life to words in a certain way, so  whoever arrive to these words will be able to live those instants like I did, at the time I lived them, and wrote them is a challenge; and doing so. I expect for you to be able to be an active participant of my magical story with SatGuruji.
I feel, as Virgo as I am, to begin cronologicaly since my first conscious encounter with Mataji.

It was spring 2010 and I was traveling in a white van to a yoga retreat. For me was the end of a cycle, although I couldn't imagine that it was going to be the begining of a journey that I had being looking and longing  for, the journey to My SatGuru.

Arriving to the retreat I observed that we were distributed in rooms that had a minimum capacity of 6 people, except mine that had only two beds, that "casually" in one of them there was Mataji.

We got settled and I was taking out some of my belonging from my bag when I see Mataji displaying all the things she had brought: a heater, a electric cattle, some infusions...and I couldn't help to consult:
- You have brought a house
For what Mataji began to laugh as she does contaminate even the walls with her laughter.

The story of the heater was because that night was going to be so cold that even the bones were frozen, and the covers were not enough obviously; but, thanks to that heater that room became an oasis. With the warmth of that heater, and the vapor of the infusions inviting to chat, we layed down and then is when our first conversation began.  You should take into account that for my mind She was an stranger that didn't know anything about my life, poor ilusa of me. Moreover, I have to add that more than a dialogue it was a Guruji's monologue, because me...I was like an actor into a state of terror for what I resorted back into a childhood mode sliding myself under the covers while Mataji talked to me; you could only see my eyes not even my nouse will show through the sheets, meanwhile Mataji was drinking Her tea, and, like talking about the weather, so naturaly, draw a map of my intimate and personal history without, supposedly, knowing a thing about me. 

Clarifying this point is important if you have a mind like mine that needs to rationalise everything: at the time wasn't any social media that I was aware of. Imaging the situation, a women, unknown to my mind, was laying  in front of me very relaxed discribing the events of my life, while drinking a camomile tea stating -"You lived certain situation that in your mind you think that is because of that, and in fact it was because of this..."and I was even more pale and scared but, in fact, I was attracted by this tale.

The girl, me, biologyst and rational, always longing for mystical events, as she red in books, was ready to be transformed in a worm and desapear.

The night went by and I believe I slept two hours at the most, and in the morning, after tasting this Guruji's mystical explosion the last thing I wanted was a yoga practice. I decided to stay with Mataji.

They were three intense days full of  mystique of the kind that one lives with Guruji, and just the last day she gave me a japamala of rudras ( it is an hindu rosary made with rudra seed used to meditate saying a sentence or a mantra). I always wanted one of these rosaries, but I red that it had to be given by your Guru.  It was because of those deep books I red that I began searching for my Guru, but, in my mind I had such a disgusting experinece in this search that I was giving up saying to the "thing" that rules us: "I will not search any longer, everything is a lie" I was tired of banging my head against the wall, but it was then, and only at that moment that Mataji appeared in my life, when I expected nothing anymore, my Satguru came looking for me changing my life... 

I, then, felted the end of my searching, I was already home.

Maha Bhakti Brahmi 
(Carolina Chioli)
DNI 30.303.729



Last August I went with my mother and my children to visit my aunt Prema Devi, Matajis' devotee to beach. We had a great time but the day we were living we had a problem with my baby carseat, we coudn't take it out of my cousins' car.

The solucion would have been to return the next day, with the baby, in a bus with all the trouble that it implied, besides taking the car to a mecanic early in the morning. 

This situation change the atmosphere of the place and my well being in a negative fashion, I felt impotent and guilty because with the rush I didn't put the carseat adecuately in our way there which provoked the incident.

My sister came to pick us up and after trying several times, truly miraculously, the little chair was out of the car.  Also there wasn't more space in the car for me because other family arrived and I had to stay one more night. 

At the moment that my children left  fear ansiety and anguish took me and my aunt gave me floral drops that aliviate me immidiatly; a fact that surprised me greatly because I have never  trusted its effectiveness and I considered them placebo.  However, though I calmed down, my soul needed a protective and kind hug that could calm me down completely.
I belive now that everything unchained in a perfect maner for me to be able to stay one more day in the house and be part, for the first time, of a Pooja for Mataji, during which tears sprouted from my eyes wich I felt that they brouht me peace, and the tranquility I longed for so much.

But what a surprise, that at the ending of the Pooja a burst of wind surrounded us with a fragrance of flowers. I asked my aunt if she smelled it, and again, a burst of wing besotted us; it was a fragrance of lavander, and then once more! It happened three times, just in case there was any doubt. The bliss I felt was immense!

This welcoming present was a balm for my soul. Thanks Mataji!

Curiosly, that house didn't have a name, and it will be baptized as 'Mataji', because the owner saw a picture of Mataji that my aunt Prema Devi showed her, so she felt to do it.

Cristina Pérez
DNI: 75760978J


The Miracle of Salt.

I had the bessing of assisting and serving Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi Ma for 45 days this spring of 2019 in Argentina.  It was the greatest experience I have ever lived.  Being at Her side requieres physical, emotional, mental strenght and resistance because She is always serving humanity, 24 hours 7 days a weeak.  It was a plesure and a deep learning process that is sealed in my spirit and soul for ever.

As a wittness of one Her Sidhis (dones divinos) I was able to be present to see the beauty of salt growing in Her  bars of soaps. The miracle of the materialization of salt happened in front of me during Her stay. Mataji stated: "This happens to me since I was a child but I didn' give the importace it has; I just used the soaps again and again" and She laughed...

Mataji will open and use a body soap, and salt began to grow...first the yellow soap, then the purple and then on and on so many of them that I lost count.  I belive there were around 6 or 7  soaps that, this way around,  She won't use again.  The salt  began to appear on the edges of the soap in shapes of small cristal rocks and delicate tiny needles messuring more than 1 centimeter; salt wil grow from the second She touched the bar of soap. 

 My spirit was so pleased with this beauty... I was astonished and exited, I will look at them every moment that I could, and watched them grow...One of those days, shyly, I asked Mataji if I could have one of them and She agreed, and opening a new bar of soap she said to me -"I don't know if IT will happen" but I was so sure that salt will appear that I also kept the wrap; minutes later not only salt appeared on the soap but in its wrap.  

Mataji decided for these soaps to stay at Her ashrams in Buenos Aires to be seen for anyone who want to see them and as a blessing for humanity.

Mataji's words about this Salt: "The Salt that I materialize is Amrita (Divine Nectar). It can be sweet or salty. And what is interesting to observe through the materialization of the salt is: VIBHUTI IS COMMON TO BE MATERIALIZED, rings, lingas... all of them can be Created by man and then if you Offer it to God beyond being materialized or not: IT IS SACRED! And the Salt that I materialize it can ONLY BE DONE BY PROPITIOUS CONDITIONS OF NATURE, THAT IS GOD THROUGH ME!".

TATri Maha Bhakti Arya Devi
Flavia Alejandra Maucci
DNI 13677324




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