TATri Testimonies #6


Testimony of the effect it causes and has caused in my physical, emotional and spiritual life and in my karmic family the encounter on this plane with my Guruji Ma.

My reunion with her on this physical plane happened at the end of 2012, thanks to the connection of a teenage friend. I arrived at that first Guided Meditation that she did in CABA, Luis María Campos Street and Santa Fe, with a broken heart and depressed, late, perspired and with my fears and shyness in the face of the unknown, but my spiritual impulse was what guided me.

I remember that the first thing She told me was something about my delay in arriving on schedule, my ego felt hurt, first learning, which we laughed today. 

While I was taking guided Meditation I did not understand where those sounds that my Being felt came from, they connected me with a very pleasant sensation, unknown to me until that moment. In that first practice my mind looked like an atom, circling thoughts, sounds, fears ... Then She asked us how we had felt and I timidly replied "Free" to what she replied ... "I don't see you tied to anything" again the impact of her words, I felt in my heart. 

The first phrases She channeled and were burned to my senses were: "The facts happen and the drama is optional" and "I surrender, I accept and I am grateful.

Then for a couple of months I needed to take distance, my mind needed it, until the impulse of my spirit and what I felt in the first physical contact with her made me want to see her again. 

From there I never parted, I surrendered at her feet, my heart and my whole Being. I need to be by her side more and more, take Yogaterapia practices and do all the training She began that were within my reach ... eager for her look, her word, her example, her sticks and her flowers, although many times, I confess I did not like what She felt when She heard what She said, I stayed by her side because I felt her LOVE over everything She said and did, I felt her direct word that was said at the right time, when I was ready to listen to it, with her company I was resignifying every moment lived in my life, from her hand I understood that each of them had to be lived in this body mind to learn from them and it still is.

I had finally found what I was looking for all my life ... She had put together my magic cube.

What to say about my Guruji Ma, my Divine Mother, with her I am freeing myself, although the process hurts, from beliefs that I don't need, that delay my path. She is my God incarnate on earth She is every time I need her with her words or her silences, She calls me to the observation, She makes me see my mental traps every day, She is my source of Divine Wisdom, She accompanies me and my karmic family, and little by little, to those who transit this life feeling it with their open hearts. She is the lighthouse that lights the way where my steps go. I do not conceive of life without its Guide, without her Love. There is no moment where I stop feeling her, seeing her, finding her in EVERYTHING. She connects me with my Freedom of Being, with Transcendent Happiness, with the Divine and Sacred Source. That is why I surrender at her feet to accompany her steps, and her sacred Seva so that every day more and more hearts can feel her and live her. 

She rescues Human Identity, She is the Supreme God represented on earth, Tridevi Ma and whom I revere in my heart. 


Maha Bhakti Anandi Ma
Adriana Alejandra Celso
DNI: 14.728.030


TATri Miracle of Fire

The first training that TATri Anna Acharyas was about to do in San Luis I had the honor of being both, an organizer and host, as they were going to stay at my house.

This event made me insist on leaving the place as impeccable as possible, which was thoroughly cleaned and completely painted inside and outside.

The movement was of such magnitude that the hours passed, the day approached and we could not finish (I had the blessing of hiring for a conscious value, brothers and direct devotees of our Mataji's TATri shanga).

Averaging at 1 am in the morning there were still some things scattered throughout the courtyard and mixed between what was serving and what was not, we were also burning on the grill of the barbecue remains of wood and other things that were no longer useful. We added more things to the fire and I went to take my brothers to their homes and also to pick up some quilts in the house of another member of the spiritual family.

When I returned home the non useful things had been burned, since a charcoal fell from the grill to the Backyard (this under a barbecue area of wooden posts), and having in the center of the burned stuff a small blue flame.

The fire had reached a centimetre of a jerrycan of GASOLINE containing 2 liters for the use of  the lawnmower.

If that miracle wouldn't had happen, I would have found the whole house and the barbecue area on fire.

Once again the manifestation of our divine mother taking care of her children through a TATri Miracle.


Maha Bhakta Naika Arjun
Carlos Ariel Leguizamón Gomez
DNI 28.785.407            



Om TATri Om.

TATri Testimony regarding the effect and purpose of the TATri Psychophysic tool: TATri Kriya Pranayama.

As a direct devotee of Mataji, I always try to live through the observation trying to dialogue as little as possible with our mental projections as our Divine Mother teaches us.

 It is not a simple activity if one does not have the certainty of a highly effective and infallible psychophysical tool, and of which, for this we have one of the legacies for humanity of our beloved Mataji, at the level of  TATri psychophysical rescue tool.

I would say that the TATri Kriya Pranayama correctly performed is MAGICAL. I attest to its effectiveness, telling an experience: I was in a psychological state of constant negativity, which had me "tied up". Much mental dialogue and very negative, silence at no time. After trying to think positively, entertain myself with something etc... and all the things we try for ignorance to get out of those desperate states of anxiety, panic, hopelessness... simply carry out the learned technique, applying it the number of times that I found convenient, and suddenly... "everything" began to fade away! my ills, my unbearable dialogues my complaints... my pain my terrible pain, cut off!...

It is a TATri psychophysical tool that affects and promotes level, neurocognitive changes, and is a regulator of humor!  It is something wonderful incredible and simple to perform, for our mind coiled in its own complex "completeness" from which it can not leave!

 Jai Avataram!
 Jai ho So Shakti Ma Ki!
 Jai ho TATri Mata Shree Ki!... 

Maha Bhakta Garuda Raj
(Gustavo Juan Di Napoli)
DNI 25.463.233


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