Words of our SATGURUMA JI about the Satguru of our heart:

TATri Devotee: What is the guru who has chosen my spirit for? according to the philosophy that you are and live and a few others?

MATAJIFor nothing more than being an example of constant transcendence and liberation, for the mind that they inhabit. In addition to guide them,  NOT to educate them, since education is in charge of their karmic parents and life itself. 

I tell you something... The blind mind has a single egoic mechanism that is the SAME in everyone. Therefore, the guru of your spirit often does not need the manifestation of the belief that sustains them through words that only make you entangled more in their blindness, in search of empathic association... If the mind beyond its constant need to understand,  does not humbly seek to feel the step of its Guru, it does not solve anything... It only covers the conflict with empty words and egoic mechanisms that, they themselves do not live and therefore they suffer deeply.

The Guru is to be the beacon that projects the enough light to the step for them to see the path, and then when they perceive that the path has never been anywhere but under their feet in infinite possibilities of direction, this light will flow to other steps.

The Guru is not to convince of any truth, only to be example of the one that He/She lives. And... only will see it, who is ready for it at this moment, and who is not, must follow his/her path as he/she can with the life that touches him/her, without haste, since there are so many things for that. But be honest and don't you stay in the path between the guru and the one who can really see it.
Just keep walking as you can.

The Guru is there to remind you that even being human, we can connect with the divine, if we choose to inhabit consciousness, beyond the need for egoic manifestation for the transcendence of this illusion.
And then when you understand that, only there, you stop being blinded and change the egoic mechanism of needing to defend and justify yourself, for the mechanism of observing yourself beyond being able or not to understand the words or example of the Guru, with the certainty that the guru who is transcended even being human, just live to be and impel you To Be and not Captivate Disciples... Just allow yourself  to take One step nothing more.


             ¡¡¡JAY HO TATri MATA SHREE Ki!!!

Words of our SATGURUMA JI about the comprehension:

TATri Devotee: Mataji as we gain more experiences, the comprehension life after life is being developed? I mean, are we having got in every birth a higher level of comprehension?
MATAJI: No. The experience LIVED IN THIS LIFE GIVES MORE COMPREHENSION FOR THIS PRESENT MIND. As consequence of Learning  coherent with the necessity of evolution of the spirit generating expanssion of counsiusness!

Then when reincarnating the being depending on what degree of Consciousness he/she has disembodied, he/she returns with SPIRITUAL consciousness partially awaken! (Perceived by the ordinary mind).

The present mind and Body are perishable and not taken to the next life.

Only the consciousness that is generated from the understanding that is given from the experience as a consequence of the SINCERE OBSERVATION OF THE EXPERIENCE!

           ¡¡¡JAY HO TATri MATA SHREE Ki!!!

Words of our SATGURUMA JI about legal abortion:

TATri Devotee: Mataji, the legalization of abortion is being discussed in our country these days. What is your opinion about it?

MATAJIMy love, voluntary abortion is a matter of conscience and spiritual need from both. NEVER HAVE TO BE JUDGED!

What I will never be in favor of is: I Mataji would not abort voluntarily, so it does not seem fair to me either that an abortion followed by a voluntary sexual act between two adults, be paid for my contributions to the state! Because this is what happens! When such a law is passed! They all end up ACCOMPLICES of the Death of a creature! Where, in this case, it should be nothing more than the ones who HAVE CHOSEN TO HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITHOUT TAKING THE PROPERLY CARE NOT TO CONCEIVE IT!

To this I aim!

Then: each one takes charge of what he/she generates with his/her freedom of being with or without conscience!

Beyond this: those who are indirect accomplices (only because they live under this constitution but have not voted for it) do not share karma! THOSE WHO VOTED: THEY DO!

And biological life begins with fertilization and Spiritual life with implantation.

FOR THIS I MATAJI AM IN FAVOR OF THE PILL OF THE DAY AFTER! Since there is no implantation, THERE IS NO KARMA! But the ideal is that in the ovulation period, that those who do not want to conceive, have not a sexual relationship!

Each one burns and builds his own karma with his possibility of consciousness MATAJI: This is the reality.

And we can only be example nothing more.

The more education we can give as example to our children, the less they are going to need to be part of fashionable social movements just to feel Cool or accepted! Or part of something! It is the example actually. So you have to be under observation! Less empty words and more conscious action with more FAIR Love and less judgment!

Above all: RESPECT!

            ¡¡¡JAY HO TATri MATA SHREE Ki!!!

Words of our SATGURUMA JI about happiness:

TATri Devotee: The feeling of happiness is something that comes and goes and you only have to accept it when it comes and let it go when it goes? WHAT PHILOSOPHY TO FOLLOW?

MATAJI: In TATri I always tell them:

It is to realize that even you are transiting a contenment or discontenment, both are temporary and serve as a learning tool if you are in perfect observation! The spirit beyond the projections of the mind, is unalterable in trascendent happiness for the simple fact of being able to inhabit this present moment where th Life chooses us as the way! As long as there is life, whether the mind likes it or not, I am a possibility! This is enough for the spirit!

So: it doesn't matter what philosophy you follow because everything that comes out and goes in through the senses: is illusion!

Big lie!

And The more we project on what we perceive, the MORE ILLUSION of the illusion!

So: what philosophy to follow?

The one that in the moments of crisis beyond crying, you can realize that you are life and that you are learning beyond you cannot see it NOW! But this certainly WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION, lives in your heart!

            ¡¡¡JAY HO TATri Mata SHREE Ki!!!

Words of our SATGURUMA JI about money:


TATri Says: If you earn millions and spend millions on things that only have a price and no value, you are still a miserable!. 

The thing is not the money (or all it can buy), but THAT YOU DON'T HAVE A PRICE! Don't sell yourself! Don't let the money or any compliment buy you!

Also what you do with the money you generate is the most important thing than money itself!

 Observe and judge less!

Be fair!

Stop repeating so many empty words that you don't even live them sincerely!

            ¡¡¡JAY HO TATri Mata SHREE Ki!!!

Words of our SATGURUMA JI about the Truth:

TATri DevoteeQuoting a poem by Rumi: 
"The truth was a mirror in the hands of God. 
The mirror fell down and broke into many pieces. 
Each one took a piece. 
Each one looks at his piece. 
And so each one believes they have the truth".

Om TATri Om Guruji, in TATri what would it be like or what would be added?

MATAJIThe truth is not and was not a mirror The truth is a universe of intangible possibilities for the limited human mind! However, love, it is an excellent metaphor for the mind to surrender to understand with the emotional and poetic!

In TATri: IT DOESN'T MATTER “THE TRUTH” THAT YOU CHOOSE TO FOLLOW! But that this truth is the one that connects you with the transcendent happiness and the genuine being with responsibility about what you generate being! Freedom of being, being responsible! This truth for Me, Mataji, I have never lived it in any other place than in TATri! Om TATri Om. 

There is much poetry and little reality scattered around the world to blind minds that do not want to see!

            ¡¡¡JAY HO TATri Mata SHREE Ki!!!