TATri testimony About what my Divine Mother represents for me in my Life experientially:

Om TATri Om 

On the day of her bodily birth and celebration of the TATri Mata Shree Jayanti, our Divine Mother has expressed herself in a passage that in her role "She" has come to accompany us to face life! 

And just like never and in these times that we need it so much. And we need both faith and trust.

All of us who follow her, her devotees, know what that is and much more for our lives!

Indeed! personally my Mamaji my SatGuruMaji has been and is! my Confidence, my Certainty and My Security to face transit and live life.

But "She" is much more than that, much more! 

She is the voice of the Mother in the night that calms the child...

She is the lighthouse at night in the ocean storm...

She is the support and rest of our spirit of madness and obsessions...

She is the tranquility of our Spirit in the midst of the storm of uncertainty and despair.

She is the sword that cuts demons in two!

She is the fire that burns doubts and mistrust!

She is the same Life Value that faces any situation even in the most adverse one!

She is the only Voice with Authority Worth Being Felt and Listened to! Facing the talking and empty world lacking certainty!

She is the God Himself who calms our emotional calamities and mental delusions!

She is the Safe Refuge... The Mother... for your spirit heart.

It is the rest for your lack of strength and constant frustrations!

"She"... Essentially Is The Motive of our lifes and the purpose to which we all spiritually go... towards the Divine Mother of our spirit heart... even those of us who are lost and may be confused... in the beat of our heart of Divine Love is found.

In what and for what our soul sighs... in The definitive Liberation of all what is unnecessary and accessory... "She" Is!... 

The Mother Is!... in one hand she has brought the fire that burns all doubt and uncertainty... and on the other the wings of your spirit! So that we can "take flight" to the destination of our Soul and free us from mental bondage!... 

Jai MAA!!!
Jai ho TATri Mata Shree ki!!!
Jai ho Adi Shakti Ma Ki!!!

Maha Bhakta Garuda Raj
(Gustavo Juan Di Nápoli)
 DNI: 25.463.233