Om TATri Om. 

Today I am witnessing an extraordinary event, a TATri Miracle of our SatGuru Mata Paramahansa Sadhvi Trideviji, on May 9, 2020.

Since the quarantine began in my country Argentina after the global pandemic by COVID- 19, our SatGuru Ma Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi ji, tells us, some of their TATri Acharyas share via live social networks Her TATri psychophysical tools, treasures developed by Her throughout Her Life for all of Humanity and which today are part of Her legacy.

During all these months of daily transmission my sister TATri Anna Acharya Maha Cheli Beti Tara Devi Maa every day 19:30 pm Argentina time, share TATri Kriya Pranayama (Neurocognitive technique based on conscious breathing stabilizing mood and reducing distress) from her mobile device.

Her broadcasts were listened to and looked perfect, until a few weeks ago a loud sound of rain began to be heard during the transmissions. Meanwhile we talked privately about the subject, and she commented that she had tried to solve it without success; she even went on to transmit from the PC but the sound was so low that she returned to the cell phone with rain noise.

On May 9, 2020 (which in numerology gives 9, the number that always appears in everything that is our Mataji) and to the blessing and surprise of all we were watching, our SatGuru Ma for the first time calls live to my sister’s broadcast, and to my infinite surprise in the very instant that Maha Cheli Beti Tara attends to Mataji the background noise of rain coming weeks ago stops. There begins a live stream shared with our SatGuru Ma who rejoices the soul with Her Presence and Love to all of us.

And to continue with the blessing and surprise when Mataji cuts the conversation, it is clearly heard that the background noise was no longer there, and the sound of the live came out clean until the end of the transmission. In a Live Stream, recorded and verified with the videos of the previous days we had witnessed a TATri Miracle collective through Our SatGuruMa Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi ji. God had once again made himself present through Her Eternal Representative and Servant, our Prem Avataram Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi ji.


I leave written my testimony of this TATri Miracle which I witnessed, Me Maha Bhakti Brahmi (Carolina Chioli) from Necochea, Argentine.

TATri Yoga Acharya Maha Bhakti Brahmi Maa
(Carolina Chioli)
DNI: 30.303.729

Om TATri Om 

I am TATri AnnA Acharya Maha Cheli Beti Tara Devi MA and I share one more TATri miracle that has manifested itself through the heart of my SATGURUMA.

March 2020, due to COVID-19 global pandemic, a quarantine begins in Argentina, and our SATGURUMA PARAMAHANSA SADHVI TRIDEVIJI, current president and founder of the "IUTYG"- International Union TATri YOGA Gurukul, provides that some of Her TATri Acharyas broadcast by  FACEBOOK open to all some of Her main TATri techniques that  has developed, as an accompanying measure to Humanity.

09 May 2020….  Several days ago (everybody can confirm this by looking at the videos of the previous days) when I was transmitting with my cell phone a sound was manifesting (like a rain background) that hindered the audio for those that were following the transmission...

The days went by and I tried in every possible way to solve it (including choosing to transmit from form the computer, but Mataji told me that sound was low and the plane was not very good to focus some postures) I returned to the cell phone and the background sound persisted, So I tried to see how the computer could sond it louder and the angle of the camera could cover the entire necessary shot that indicated it was important... I could manage to accommodate it and for "my surprise" during the live broadcast, the computer camera left suddenly and unexplained to record, remaining as the only option, to return to the cell phone which persisted with that sound...

Today May 9, 2020 was a very special day where I felt all day very emotional from gratitude to my SATGURUMAJI and also with a very powerful sensation of feeling that ALL that our SATGURUMA IS, LIVES and MANIFESTS when we practice Her ATtri techniques, and that we are REALLY LIVING HER ...something that goes much more than any word can explain , and here I can only add, I HAVE COME TO FIND THE SATGURU OF MY SPIRIT through the TATri techniques that HAS BORN FROM HER HEART and it is from this place that I can speak with my own experience and certainty that TATri IS MATAJI AND MATAJI IS TATri … and whoever opens himself / herself to receive these TATri treasures will be living our SATGURUMA in his/her heart and the Blessing and feeling of infinite PEACE that is felt when this happens, is one of the most beautiful TATri miracles that A Being can experience.

Today I started the transmission in this emotional sensitivity that overwhelmed me through all Day and at the moment of the TATri Mata Pooja I felt a very strong emotion and I invoked and asked once again for my SATGURUMA to GUIDE ME to the contemplation of what my spirit needs and remove me once more from the ignorance of my mind…

The practice began and my voice was crisscrossed with emotion… until that moment without understanding what it was due to … minute 15:33 I see on the screen of my cell phone a notification, and was that my Satgurumaji requested access to join the video , to which OBVIOUSLY I put YES, without understanding what was that, and after a few seconds, APPEARS on screen MY heart exploded with emotion, multiplied in millions and absolutely everything, all disappeared, as it happens ALWAYS IN FRONT of Her INFINITE PRESENCE … She gave us Her BLESSING and my heart and happiness seemed to have no end...but to my surprise, in addition to having the HONOR that my SATGURUMAJI gives us Her blessing of appearing in LIVE during the transmission, when transmition ends, my TATi sister Brahmi, TATri Yoga Acharya Maha Bhakti Brahmi Devi Maa, who from her devotee-heart is broadcasting TATri YOGA every day at 18 hs, shares me that at the instant moment that I approach the screen (to accept MATAJI’s request to enter the video), exactly at that moment when I accepted Her request, the Sound of Rain that had persisted for at least 3 weeks, DISAPPEARED... and after a few seconds, giving space to a sound like an interference almost as if it appeared from another Dimension, my SATGURUMA appears on the screen, and after She left the transmision, the sound of rain WAS NO MORE.

WOW... what a clear message I feel, I mean... it manifests this collective  TATri miracle where it is ALL recorded, how at the moment that MATAJI enters (minute 15:33) and the minute that MATAJI leaves (minute 19:40), the SOUND DISAPPEARS, represents EXACTLY the function of my SATGURUMA in my life, She cuts off any kind of interference with HER presence, takes the noise out of my mind and connects me with the certainty of the spirit and I can only say that WHATEVER HAPPENS in my life, I live the CERTAINTY that I will be able to walk it through with Her guidance, I will be able to sustain myself every day in Her TATri vidya AND LIFE THAT SHE IS, in Her Infinite TATri tools and I will NEVER be alone, and SHE will be perpetuated forever in my heart and in the hearts of all those that surrender themselves to live Her and feel Her, ALLOWING HER INFINITE PRESENCE TO LIVE IN OUR HEARTS HERE, NOW AND ALWAYS BEYOND THE PHYSICAL PRESENCE, BECAUSE SHE IS IN EVERYTHING.

THANK YOU infinitely my eternal GODMAMAJI for this possibility to be your witness and see how YOU ARE the greatest miracle that any Being can experience.



TATri Anna Acharya 
Maha Cheli Beti Tara Devi Maa
(Laura Mariela Sztutwojner)
DNI: 33.768.165