OM TATri Om.

I am Gabriel Díaz... first of all, I want to thank for this wonderful technique, directed and developed by our SAT GURU MAA PARAMAHANSA SADHVI TRIDEVIJI.

When I was practicing the TATri KRIYA PRANAYAMA (TKP®)... the first thing I noticed that my whole body was reducing inflamation in the first section.

I have suffered from insomnia since I was 13 years old and that night in the first section I fell asleep immediately without having taken any kind of pills that I used to use previously, which left me very surprised.

During this time I have noticed physical changes, my circulation has improved that I also suffered from it, my skin has been moisturizing and removing stains, the wrinkles and warts that I had are diminishing, and some balls that were coming out on my legs.

My digestion and the way I breathe has also improved, I have noticed that I have more resistance to physical exercise and I wake up with more vigor. Every day, very relaxed...

I highly recommend this technique that has changed my quality of life.


Om TATri Om.

Gabriel Díaz Esquivel
(ID: DZESGB65022009H701)


Om TATri Om.

TATri Testimony regarding the effect and purpose of the TATri Psychophysic tool: TATri Kriya Pranayama®.

As a direct devotee of Mataji, I always try to live through the observation trying to dialogue as little as possible with our mental projections as our Divine Mother teaches us.

It is not a simple activity if one does not have the certainty of a highly effective and infallible psychophysical tool, and of which, for this we have one of the legacies for humanity of our beloved Mataji, at the level of TATri psychophysical rescue tool.

I would say that the TATri Kriya Pranayama® correctly performed is MAGICAL.

I attest to its effectiveness, telling an experience: I was in a psychological state of constant negativity, which had me "tied up".

Much mental dialogue and very negative, silence at no time. After trying to think positively, entertain myself with something etc... and all the things we try for ignorance to get out of those desperate states of anxiety, panic, hopelessness... simply carry out the learned technique, applying it the number of times that I found convenient, and suddenly... "everything" began to fade away! my ills, my unbearable dialogues my complaints... my pain my terrible pain, cut off!...

It is a TATri psychophysical tool that affects and promotes level, neurocognitive changes, and is a regulator of humor!

It is something wonderful incredible and simple to perform, for our mind coiled in its own complex "completeness" from which it can not leave!

Jai Avataram!

Jai ho Adi Shakti Ma Ki!

Jai ho TATri Mata Shree Ki!🙏✨

Maha Bhakta Garuda Raj
Gustavo Juan Di Napoli
DNI: 25.463.233


Testimony regarding the effect and purpose of the TATri Psychophysical Tool: TATri Kriya Pranayama®:

In the two days that we were connected, I not only learned a lot about energy... but I was nourished in my heart... with the energy of Mataji, since it made me feel more vulnerable... (for the better of course !! ).... taking me out of the state of "anesthesia" of which Mataji always asks us not to fall in , it was very mobilizing.

In my daily... I LOVE the technique! Because it helps me to connect with myself and automatically I feel that I enter a state of harmony😍❤️

And it gives me more energy to do my daily work... and in a more conscious way!

Ganga Devi Dasi
Gladys Calvo
DNI 18.446.106


I was surprised that for a very short time I learned many things. My mind is very distracted and I find it difficult to learn quickly. 

After the TKP® course for several days I went to bed at 1 AM because I studied without worrying that in the morning I will get up at 6 in the morning to go to work. 

During work time, I was neither sleepy nor tired, and I was much more aware of my work than usual.

After 3 weeks of TKP® practice I have more moments without mental dialogue. 

Another very important thing for me: since I was a year old I have had respiratory problems. After the course with constant practice of TKP® I can say that I have almost no respiratory problems. Before the course I sometimes had respiratory problems for 5-7 days and with more intensity.

Shree Devi Dasi
Dimitrina Stoyanova Taneva-Ivanova
(ID: 648.437.039)


Om TATri Om.

My name is Maha Bhakti Maya Devi, I am a direct devotee of our SatGuruMaa, and I want to give my testimony about the last TKP® (TATri Kriya Pranayama) course that I have had the honor of participating on May 1 and 2, 2021 in " ON " mode.

Mainly it was a blessing for me that it is done in this modality, since I live in New Zealand, and because of this I have the possibility of being able to be present beyond the form as our Mamaji tells us.

My experience was wonderful in all aspects: I was able to expand my knowledge about this sacred technique which accompanies me and changes my life like all TATri techniques. Being 15 hours ahead of the Argentine time, this technique sustained me to be able to be fresh and focused at class, being able to live the other way around for 2 days. The TKP® generates a profound change instantly when I practice it, when I breathe I am not the same as before, I feel cleaner, with less emotional weight, if I am tired it lifts me up, if I am very excited it lowers me, I sleep better, It lowers my mental intensity, and sustains me throughout the day to keep me active with daily obligations. It is a pillar in my life and a very powerful tool for humanity! 

The course had a fantastic modality which I learned a lot! Both of the information and study methodology that Mamaji provided, and from my TATri collegues, since we made together the final assesment , learning from each other's responses, responding how we felt and how we understood it.

Mamaji teaches us with her example of justice at every moment! It was a great honor and blessing to have been part of this course! Words will never be enough to thank you for resignifying my life and give me your sacred tools to be able to walk through it with consciousness!

Jay Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki!


Maha Bhakti Maya Devi
Luciana Valeria Bruschtein
DNI: 31.877.724
New Zealand


Om TATri Om.

This is my testimony, from my heart, of the TKP course:

The TKP course was moving. Not only because of the value of the learning itself but because of the possibility of changing something in my life and in others, through the opportunity that Mataji has given me.

I have started the practice of TKP, not without difficulty, since it is necessary to find the space and institute it as a habit, but in this short time, its exercise has helped me calming down and focusing on what is really important.


Khamala Devi Dasi
Silvia Urdampilleta
DNI 22.778.823 


Om TATri Om, there are innumerable changes that I experienced from TATri Kriya Pranayama® (mood-stabilizing neurocognitive conscious breathing technique, developed and channeled by our SatGuru Ma Paramahansa Sadhvi Trideviji), a technique that has changed my life and has been with me for more than 6 years.

The first fact that I was able to experience was that I stopped suffering from vaginal mycosis, I had suffered from that since adolescence, for more than 10 years, and after doing the technique regularly and sustained, this did not appear again, had done thousands of treatments visited many doctors, done lots of studies, glucose curve, and a thousand more and it was always there, therefore I can give real testimony of what TKP® has done by the moment I began, I have also experienced the resounding improvement of hemorrhoids on occasions doing TKP®, on several occasions. In this case, I had the blessing of doing a specialization in TKP® I have experienced a resounding improvement in the cicatrization, it took 2 days for my body to heal a scar it would have taken 15 previously, really resounding and forceful. 

Besides this right after finishing the TATri specialization course, my daughter went back to school, I passed from being home every day and managing schedules to going out again after quarantine where I must get up earlier, prepare everything for my daughter's school, walking 16 blocks twice a day and I can really assure you that I felt the change, incredible to my mind so much that I didn't even feel like drinking coffee to wake up like I did all the time before because I felt tired. I experimented muscular but not mental fatigue, I was more clear and attentive, much more stable.

Not counting the times this tool has rescued me from anguish, anger, sadness and has allowed me to carry on as our SatGuruMa always says transiting and overcoming. 

I am eternally grateful to your spirit, your heart, your existence my Guruji, everything that I have been able to overcome and pass from your hand is unthinkable for my mind, by the hand of your TATri Vidya

Jai Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki 🙏🏻💖🙏🏻

TATri Anna Acharya Maha Bhakti Aarti Devi Ma
Arlet Viviana Chiozza Barceló
DNI 28.589.716


In this post-course instance, what has elapsed until today is very strong and intense, it's very difficult  to not use the acquired tool when one is more aware, one can know, know it and so on but still, the mind boycotts us, but when one live the technique and perceives in a short time how it generates stability and well-being, Not using it happens more than just knowing “how bad” we do ourselves, but you feel it and it is a matter of breathing to reverse it...

My conscience was shaken, it was very strong to go from simply knowing and practicing the technique itself with a slight knowledge of irregular shape and come to understand it and feel it in depth, the change is abysmal!! 

The process of online and offline training, together with the working format where question by question I was fixing the knowledge, it was simply spectacular!

Hanuman Das
Alexis Daneri
DNI 36.636.879 


Om TATri Om, in the online training in TATri Kriya Pranayama® Monitor / instructor, my mind has understood and has happily marveled at what was theoretically transmitted by Our Satguru Ma Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi Ji, at the level of scientific information about why TKP® is A conscious NEUROCAGNITIVE breathing technique, STABILIZING HUMOR AND REDUCING DISTRESS (pathological stress), this, I had already verified through the experience and daily practice of TKP®, noting the harmonizing effects, in me and also as TATri Yoga Instructor in the TATri companions, which do make use of the technique both in daily life and in emergent moments, I have seen how the quality of life of these people has changed for best, and that is priceless, it is an INVALUABLE TREASURE.

The evaluation mode where we all share the answers fascinated me, since it not only fixes the information but complements what the other TATri Companions absorbed of information and we are left as a tool to review whenever we feel necessary. Reading this evaluation questionnaire, I was surprised by all the information that we had recorded and learned in only 2 days of training, wooow, it's really a lot! Being it, scientific theory and the way Mamaji transmits and decodes it to simplify it and so, that even anyone, without prior knowledge, can understand and learn it, to the point of even transcribing what they have learned, with their own words and in a clear and understandable way to whoever reads it.

Everything that in only 2 days we learn, receive, experience, get excited, and restore ourselves is impressive! Thanks is short to express how happy and proud it makes me to have received from Mamaji, the original and Divinely Human Source of this TATri Technique, of aid and rescue, available to EVERYONE without exception, there is no one who cannot practice it! And no one, that sincerely makes use of it, who does not resignify his life!



Maha Bhakti Sittaram Devi Maa
Ana Marina Martinez
DNI 31.433.373


Om TATri Om

For about three years I have known the TKP® technique (Mood Stabilizing Conscious Breathing Neurocognitive Technique) at first I practiced it at certain times and it has helped me to cope with moments of great stress and clarify.

The mind in moments of making decisions or anxiety.

Particularly for a long time it has been part of my daily Sadhana and practicing it as a habit has changed my life, bringing balance and mental clarity. In moments of over-demand it has kept me active and in my daily work as a therapist supports me, it balances me energetically and emotionally.

That is why I decided to train as a monitor to be able to share the technique with the people who come to my office as a tool to resignify their lives that complements and supports their therapeutic process.

In my work in consultation, a person manifested a panic attack and applying the technique in this emergent situation the person quickly found calm and the physical sensations subsided.

These words were shared with me by people whom I accompany therapeutically:

"With the breathing you taught me, I achieved a feeling of well-being that I hadn't felt for a long time".

"When I got off my axis I resorted to breathing and I was perfect".

I only have immense gratitude to my Satguru Paramahansa Sadhvi Trideviji for such a valuable gift to all humanity to assist us with Her techniques and TATri Vidya on our path of being human.

It is difficult to express in words the FEELING of the divine love that she gives us and the permanent assistance to those ones who open our hearts to receive it.


Ragha Devi Dasi
María Virginia Quinteros
DNI: 21.707.684


Om TATri Om

I would like to leave my testimony about the impact that the assiduous practice of TKP® has had on me.

TKP® is a very powerful tool that our Mataji has transmitted to us to be able to consciously 'manage' humour and emotions (among other benefits).

Due to my personality and lived experiences, I used to have addiction to certain emotions on a recurring basis and that added to the mental dialogue, they strongly encapsulated me and prevented me from living the experiences as they really are: learning circumstances as Mataji always transmits to us.

With the accompaniment of Mataji, who with her example showed me in an inescapable way how to act removing unnecessary 'drama' from the events, I still could not remove that chemical addiction from my body to those emotions that encapsulated me.

But after the 1st. TKP® course that I received directly from her hands -and with assiduous practice-, I was able to directly experience how my emotional states were harmonized and I could go through anything that previously would have led me to feel 'down' or sad, to go through it with greater tranquility and consciousness.

I have no words that can describe this, since THE EXPERIENCE IS ABSOLUTELY PERSONAL, but I can say that it is a UNIQUE AND INVALUABLE OPPORTUNITY. It costs nothing, it is simple (perhaps that is why it does not appear highly effective), and it can be practiced anywhere we are.

What more could you want?

The magnitude of its benefits can never be fully measured, I am aware that I am a beginner on this path and that I still have a long way to go. As I also glimpse that this will not be the only testimonial that I will write about this wonderful and relentless TATri Technique. Another GIFT-TREASURE from our SatgurujiMA.

Thank you Lovely SatguruMAji !!!💝💗💖
Jay ho TATri MAA ki !!!

To Her be all the Honor and Glory forever🙏🙏🙏

Maha Bhakti Maha Devi Dasi
Eugenia Pisano
DNI 16.974.011