Mukasanas were originally Yoga face poses created, invented, and developed by Dharmacharya Maitreyananda ji. Who has changed what we know as Classical Yoga, adding in each Asana (posture, gesture, pose) the Mukasanas.

In addition, Dharmacharya ji has co-created and developed the different leg, arm, hand, foot, eye and all its variant asanas.

So Our Mataji, as it is already known by all those who accompany Her steps, after all Her life of Classical Yoga and Meditation practices, has been technically formed in 2007, in person by Dharmacharya ji, GMdM Estévez Griego.

So Our Mataji SATGURUMA PARAMAHANSA SADHVI TRIDEVI JI, has been inspired by Her Mentor, taking from his Creation some Mukasanas to Create The "TATri Mukaakasha Kriya Yoga Namaskar" that from the TATri transcription, promotes the breaking of the ego in possession, relaxation and harmonization of being.

TATri Mantra Acharya 
Maha Cheli Soma Devi Maa