Om TATri Om Mataji!!
Om TATri Om Brothers !! 

Today I share as a testimonial, a new TATri Miracle, one more manifestation of DARSHAN, of the DIVINE ENERGY of our beloved Mother, a Blessing in our lives.

For a few days, I have been delivering the TATri Masks (used during COVID-19), the DIVINE TATri SEVA From SatguruMA to humanity.

In those trips, using the GPS app, it consumes a lot of battery from the cell phone, and I  ran out of battery twice; anyway I continue the delivery  half blind with little knowledge of some of the areas I travelled, but I knew that with YOUR Certainty I was going to be able to deliver them.

Yesterday on the way back to the TATri Ashram Babaji, again without battery charge, I was "debating" in a mental dialogue, whether I should buy one of those "devices" (portable charger) that allow me to recharge the cell phone without connecting it to a  source .
On one hand, there was the issue of  cost and "zero" utility that I could later personally give it in my life.

Until at one point, it was like an internal voice that said to me: "...I really don't need it for me, now yes it's true, it would be necessary and useful to be able to accompany Mataji in the TATri Seva"...

When leaving the garage, walking two blocks to the TATri ashram, there was no one at that time on the street ...
What happened?...
When looking against the sidewalk, I saw a “cell phone” flipped ... I approached, took it ... and when I turned it over...

To my amazement, I started to laugh, I can't explain ...
You have done it again Mother !!...

What was it?

The "famous device" that minutes before I was needing.
yes, yes! was there, on the street ... "waiting for me" 

My mind said: "They ruled it out... For sure doesn't work."

When I arrived at the TATri ashram, the first thing I did was connecting it... and the LEDs lit up...
Again my mind spoke: "you have to test it when the cell phone needs a battery to see if it works correctly"

Well, next day I went out again continuing with the delivery of the TATri Masks... and the expected moment arrived... "2% cell phone battery"... I connected it... and immediately the cell phone began charging until it was completed the load.

It Does Work!!!

I automatically remembered one of the many experiences with Mataji, that time being in India when Her cell phone began to fail, until it collapsed...
At that moment Her words were something like…
"Cosmos, I don't need anything for myself, I only use my cell phone to give Seva... so take charge"... and within 24 hours a devotee from India donated and sent her a new cell phone.

Well, I feel that in this case it was something similar... it was necessary for HER TATri SEVA... so the device was manifested by the Divine Grace of our Mother.

Jay Ho TATri MATA SHREE Ki !!... Jay MÁ !!... 

Maha Chela Babaji Narayan
(Alberto Chiapuzzo)
DNI 17.836.942            


A kurta for Mataji: My exercise of  Trust and Surrender.

In the past two years of cohexistence, in the intimacy of Maha Lakshmi Poorna Vidya House(*) in Buenos Aires, several times, our beloved Mataji has mentioned that She needed somone who will make a hand sewn kurta.

In those moments we look at each other with astonishment: Who could we turn to... in Buenos Aires nobody hand sewing anymore.
This spring Her request was more direct: Mataji explained that She was given an orange Kurta, very warm, for her trip to Sweden this year, and that the material of this kurta provokes itching on Her skin and that She needed someone to sew a linnig with a softer material so She can wear it.

I know her soft silked skin and I could imagine the discomfort of the warm rough orange kurt that She received as a gift. My desire to protect Her gave me the strengh to decide to do something that I have never done before: I WOULD HAND SEW THE LINING OF THE KURT!

Never before I had made such a complex garment like a kurt with long sleeves. I had never sew by hand a garment for somebody to wear. Although the decision was made clearly: I felt the task as a challenge I was going to do for love to my SatGuruMa, to please Her, to protect Her from an uncomfortable material.

It took me a week to complete the task. I used a linen material that was kept in my family to make trousseau for newborns. I dyed it orange, and the result wasn't what I expected. I chose to keep going and, with the pattern of the orange  Kurt I had, I began tu cut and hand sew the parts. After, I dyed it again and got better results. I didn't know how to make cuffs and collars so I dyed a broderie and I applied it as a way to complete these parts. Then, I linked the lining to the kurt through the shoulders and armwholes.

The third sunday of October, on which we celebrate mothers'day in Argentina, I was able to finish it and give it to my beloved Mataji.

I was exhausted and happy that I ended the task. I couldn't imagine, at that moment, that, many nights, I will subdue the terrorizing idea of the kurt tearing apart...

Later I was able to understand the exercise that I performed  hand in hand with my SatGruru.

Mataji didn't ask me to built a house or a temple; that would have been easy because I am an arquitect. To cut and hand sew a kurt for Her to wear was a tremendous challenge because I didn't know haw to do it. I had to trust and surrender to my feelings of love for Her and to make it as best as possible.

Even though tomorrow, the lining and the kurt might unstich and dismant, I know that I went through the challenge hand in hand with my SatGuru,  and  that I was able to hold on in my confidence, and surrender to the task that my inexperience hands were able to do, for then to offer it at Her beloved feet.

Note: (*)Maha Lakshmi Poorna Vidya House, TATri Nam Diksha given by Mataji to consecrate my house, that even before me, was always a house devote to sipiritual service.
Maha Bhakti Barathi Devi
(Lidia Novo)
DNI: 10.504.440


🍃🌸TATri Testimony:

I wanted to share with everyone from my Love and infinite gratitude to my SatguruMa Ji the experience he gave me about the efficacy of one of the tools that She with her own hands under the influence of her always awakened Sidhis factory: The "auric protectors".

Recently, during his visit to Spain, I felt I had acquired one since Mataji always recommends that his Maha Chela and Maha Bakthis have them.
I chose one of those that Mataji brought and She with her divine Love blessed me especially and indicated how to use it.

That same night. After saying goodbye to a little brother who left after spending a few days with Mataji, I went to bed.

Suddenly I started to listen outside. A rabid dog. He kept grunting. After a while he began to worry me and I began to feel bad. It was apparently in the house opposite. I got up and looked out the window but I could not see it but it did not stop its constant growl. His raging attitude produced such discomfort that it seemed as if something "dark" manifested through him.

I got up and felt the urge to use the auric protector.
As soon as I put it in my hands and enveloped myself in its fragrance, the grunt ceased and it did not return.
I felt good again and I was able to rest until the next day.

A palpable sign of its effectiveness. This way I felt it clearly. A gift to experience clearly its effectiveness the same day I acquired it.

All honor and glory always to the Great Mother TATri !! 
Jai Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki !!💖💕✨

TATri Maha Chela Akasha Sanandana.

Maha Chela Akash Sanandana Das
(Carlos Becerra Luna)
DNI 28775543J

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