This is a TATri Technique developed by SATGURUMA PARAMAHANSA SADHVI TRIDEVIJI inspired by ancient techniques that She has received and PRACTICED DIRECTLY WITH some of Her Teachers and technical mentors  in Brazil and Argetine, as well as Living it in practice in India in the numerous festivals and celebrations where She has been part of. Based on expression techniques with Mandalas, Yantras and Rangolis, it is an implacable Therapeutic TATri technique.

With MANDALAS, the ‘Psychophysical-emotional’ discharge occurs from the artistic expression they promote and the ‘energetic-spiritual’ when it is expressed through the representation of colors. Thus representing a map of the processes of manifestation of the energies of the physical, mental and spiritual planes that we carry in the present moment.

Of Hindu origin, for centuries they have been adopted by Tibetan Buddhism, the MANDALAS originally, are a means of energetic expression, meditation and depending on what material they are made, example of the law of impermanence that governs our human existence.

   In the Hindu/Tibetan vision (where the Tibetan stands out from some centuries to the present), it is common to find beautiful ornaments for the purpose of amulets (protective objects) even for therapeutic-energetic purposes for the development of personal energy. In India, it is more common to find this type of expression through the YANTRAS and RANGOLIS. The YANTRAS being much more complex and always have to do with the energy in honor of a Deity, that is, the idea is to evoke part of the energy of a whole or the three energies of the beginning at the same time: Creation, Preservation, Destruction. MANDALAS can also have this energy objective, but they are simpler in structure. RANGOLIS are very similar to MANDALAS, but the difference is that they do not obey a limitation in their development, they are freer. In India it is very common to see RANGOLIS drawn on the doors of the houses (usually made with petals, rice and colored sand) as if to attract luck or as a simple Welcome and protection message. 

In the Diagnosis and Therapy with Mandalas, we work with colored pencils and paper with the aim of expression and understanding of the energetic manifestation of colors in the fields of MANDALAS, the expression and beauty of the RANGOLIS and the depth of the YANTRAS.

One more legacy of our SatguruMA Paramahansa Sadhvi Trideviji to humanity.

(Taken from TATri Diagnosis and Therapy Workshop
by SatguruMA Paramahansa Sadhvi Trideviji)

   Maha Bhakti Maha Devi Dasi
   TATri Therapist with Mandalas
   (devotee and direct disciple of
  SatguruMA Paramahansa Sadhvi