Om TATri Om

I wanted to share with everyone the Great Sign that the Divine Mother, Our SatguruMa Ji, She performed under my feelings last morning at the TATri Ashram in Ponferrada.

Tonight strong gusts of air and rain have been sweeping Ponferrada.

Around 00: 00/00: 30 Hs a loud crash was heard but I didn't see anything. It seemed as if something had collapsed from the house or from a nearby house.

This morning when I came out to my surprise I discovered that part of the covering of the wall of the TATri Ashram that faces a neighborhood courtyard had collapsed and had flooded everything with rubble.

Since Mataji was in the TATri Ashram a few years ago when the water also fell from the same area from a drain incessantly, bathing the entire facade, something like this had not happened.

I felt it was a sign of her PRESENCE in the TATri Ashram. In addition, right on that wall but inside the house I have hanging a painting that I am making in her honor.

To assert this manifestation.

That night hours before I had a vision. In which I saw Mataji sitting near that wall. She was like a Sun. She radiated Golden Light from within. She was so beautiful ... When she turned her face the beams of light bathed the space in front of her.

All these signs that occurred this morning I live them with immense Gratitude beyond what is apparent as a SIGN THAT SHE IS WITH ME. As in that visit in her physical manifestation.

Purifications of the Divine Mother.

Manifestations of Her Immense Power !! Jai Ho Adi Shakti MA !! Jai MA !! Jai Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki !!


Maha Chela Akash Sanandana Das
(Carlos Becerra Luna)
Ponferrada, Spain
DNI: 28775543J


Om TATri Om divine Mataji 

I am new to this wonderful group. 

I want to leave my testimonial, something that I felt deeply. 

I was thinking of asking you a question today in Your Satsang on Youtube beloved Mataji, but when I got a card from TATri Vidya Oracle I see the answer to the question I was going to ask you! 

I thank my surrender to this Divine Energy that is my beloved MATAJI. 

Om TATri Om

(Ana Rosa González)
Buenos Aires, Argentina 
DNI: 5.159.616


Testimony by Anandi Ma of a TATri Miracle occured on december 2020, Posted on INSTAGRAM @anandiii_tatriyoga

🙏🏻New Maha TATri miracle that occurred in the month of December 2020 in this body mind because of being hold in your hands, my GODMAMAJI. 

🙏🏻Eternally grateful to my SatguruMa @tatrimatashree, my Mataji, my Divine Mother, God living and embodied in your sacred body. 

Her Darshan, her gaze, her TATri Chikitza, the Divinity that she represents on this earth again blessed me by healing me. How not to honor your steps, I cannot conceive another way of living. Words are too limited to describe what I feel. 

🙏🏻In just 20 days after a kidney ultrasound with a 24mm stone, I went over to a perfectly good CT scan. 

🙏🏻You can say that it was destiny, faith, perseverance, whatever you want to believe ... I only know what happened ... and what I feel is that you held me in your hands ... once again, rescuing me and this TATri miracle happened. 

🙏🏻 I wish you can feel God in your hearts ♥ in the same way as I was blessed that day when I met you and you rescued me on this earth my beloved Mataji. 

🙏🏻May my body mind never interfere with my spirit's desire to serve and devote you always my GODMAMAJI💥 


In early December I started again with kidney pain, bladder and general discomfort, I called a doctor at home and they treated me as if I had a urinary infection, they medicated me and after 3 days, the symptoms were gone. After finishing the medication, two days passed, and I started with severe pain again in the right kidney, bladder and general decline. I went to the guard of my social work and they sent me to do a kidney ultrasound and a urine culture. I was able to do it on 12/19/20. They gave me the result that I attach a copy. There I notified my GurujiMa and asked for Her blessing. SHe gave it to me, told me to put myself in the hands of the doctors and gave me specific instructions to follow 'TO THE LETTER', She told me. I gave myself into Her hands and went through the process with great discomfort, many times with bleeding when urinating, pain, visits to guards dismembered due to being in a pandemic, to see a Clinical Dr, to another one, to see a urologist specializing in lithiums, the latter He ordered a CT scan and an X-ray before going to possible surgery, he told me. I was able to do these studies just on 12/29. Upon receiving the results, it is clear that the kidney stone was already gone. 

I also attach images of the study result. Although I am still somewhat sore because my physical body suffers from diabetes 2, therefore it costs more to heal according to the words of my GurujiMa. Therefore in just 10 days this Maha TATri Miracle occurred, from the hand AGAIN of my Divine Mother, my spiritual Mother, my SatguruMa Paramahansa Sadvi Trideviji. 

So, as I put in the Instagram post, how not to be surrendered at Her feet, eternally grateful to my SatguruMa for all eternity !? If She rescues me minute by minute, resignifying each event that I have to live in this body-mind.

May my mind body never interfere with my spirit's desire to serve you and always devote you my GODMAMAJI.

Jai Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki



Maha Bhakti Anandi Ma

(Adriana Alejandra Celso)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
DNI: 14.728.030      


This is a TATri Testimony of how our SatguruMA, as incarnation of ADI SHAKTI takes care for all living entities:

I have a small farm in the town of San Miguel del Monte. There we have with my family some fruit trees and a variety of plants. Among them, an edible laurel plant with a very exquisite aroma, different from others I have known. I used to prune it quite often as it had grown a lot and its branches grow and cover my kitchen window. When the pruning leaves are dried, I used to bring Mataji as an offering for the preparation of Her tea.

Despite frequent pruning, it had already covered almost the entire window, this added to the fact that through its branches were climbing some little frogs that managed to get into the kitchen through the window despite all the mosquito nets and others that we put to avoid them.

So one summer day I decided to prune it more than usual, but since the branches of the trunk were very thick, I asked my husband to cut it with the chainsaw since it was going to be more painful for me and for the plant to do it with a manual saw.

In these cases, I usually talk to the plants, explaining them about pruning so that they ‘prepare’ and do not suffer so much, but in this case for some reason I did not, and my husband began to prune it with the chainsaw.

The next day, Mataji contacted me asking me to send Her a photo of the laurel plant since She wanted to see if it had flowers... I sent Her a photo of it and told Her that It have never had flowers. She wanted to know if the leaves I had sent her were made of another type of laurel (not edible) because She had noticed a strange energy accompanied by a feeling of sadness when taking Her tea that day. I explained to Her that I had pruned the plant and that maybe, that was what She had felt. In turn She explained to me that medicinal plants have to be cut in a special way and talk to them before they are going to be pruned, so that they do not feel that they are going to die in the pruning process. What I will do from now on!

One more sample of our SatguruMA as the very incarnation of ADI SHAKTI, feel not only the pain of human beings, but also of every living and sentient entity that inhabits this universe🌎🌟. 


Maha Bhakti Maha Devi Dasi, January 2021.


Maha Bhakti Maha Devi Dasi
(Eugenia Pisano)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
DNI: 16.974.011


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