Words of our SatguruMA ji about Herself:

(dialogue between Mataji and a TATri devotee from India)

TATri Devotee: So Ma: are you higher and more advanced than Ammachi; Mother Meera; Supreme Master Ching Hai;  Gurumayi Karunamayi; Oneness Blessing Amma; Dr, Pillai Dyan Yogi; Muktananda; Satchidananda? Have worked with all up to this point? Also Anandini Ma...

MATAJIAll vibrations are important and unique! I do not feel and I am not better than any embodied being! but I am aware of My function, and my function is Unique! and my function exists nothing more to complement everything that is born and dies! nothing more! we are all different and for these same differences, complementary! My consciousness is unique, no other living being possesses it! That does not make me better than anyone, it gives me the possibility of manifesting myself with perfect functionality in my process and human and divine function at the same time!

TATri Devotee: I was not implying or asking better; merely more expanded higher level etc... 
If you are... just to understand without judging or comparing to others etc.  

MATAJIYes. I talk about it. Differents levels by different function. 😉👌🏽🔆 

TATri Devotee: So you are beyond all these I mentioned ? 
Seems like you are. 

MATAJIThey are human with Espiritual knowledge! 
I am the Consciousness Of the Shakti Manifestation my son. Not comparative. And my only objectively point is to be an example of Being human with real identity! I don’t need to be or show to be God! Becouse I AM THAT! A God just go down in this reality to be human with all they fails and gifts! 
Can you feel it? 
Is more then words 
To much more 

TATri Devotee: Yes I know ! I was just confirming haha! 

MATAJIAnd nothing depends on me... just On the open heart that can come in front of me... they can receive or not what I AM. I just came to give whatever that each one can receive! Om TATri Om 

TATri Devotee: Yes!!

You are to much inspiration to me my son! 
To Much 

TATri Devotee: How? Lol.. 
Well I am so blessed ! No doubt. 

MATAJIBecause the needness Of answer of your soul and mind can inspire deep answer to so much devotees that can’t organise they mind and heart to ask. 

The genuine question has the same importance and value that the divine answer. 



TATri Blessed Satsang of our SatgurujiMA about Animal Abuse:

MATAJI: referring to animal abuse:

"God is in everything that lives! But if I must choose to defend a human who has a conscience or to an unconscious, be it a child, an adult or an animal, I defend the one who does not allow himself to be possessed by the ego and its convenience

Simple like that.

I give my life for this". 



TATri Blessed Satsang on Conceptual Spirituality (#1):

TATri Devotee: Mataji, I know people who live in certain places that they consider sacred according to their beliefs and they say that if you don't live there, you waste your time ... it's like which also encapsulate God in a minimal circle. That's why I love TATri, before I was so close to any lie!

MATAJI: It is part of the path that leads you to the truth of your heart. 
Imagine my love... everything that comes out of our mouth or enters through the senses is the illusion itself manifests... only what is generated inside is what rescues us from the lie! 
There is no truth out there my love! 
There are expressions of the truth! That you should only carry what resonates IN YOUR HEART! 
Only in YOUR HEART! 

TATri Devotee: You take me to such a CERTAIN, UNIQUE, TRUE place ... And above all, GIVES me PEACE. No matter what it is. 
MATAJI: That's right, my love. Why? because what I'm trying to do is not deliver the truth from my own belief, because I Mataji, I live the truth internally. And I try that you. they can also live it internally. 
So I put into words the truth that I live internally, but not 
waiting for you follow my words, but you. can come into contact with the truth of their hearts, with what you. FEEL WHEN I TALK, WITH WHAT YOU. FEEL IN MY PRESENCE. With what you FEEL WITH THE LIFE THAT YOU RESIGNIFY after TATri. 
It is understood? THIS IS THE TRUTH. And not the words that come out of my mouth, but what resonates in their hearts. 
And if you can live this fully, no one can ever corrupt you or someone in your family.




TATri Devotee: Sometimes my mind tells me that all this does not make sense ... I understand that I will never be able to understand the mysteries of the universe/s, but the fact that we are all here does not cease to seem like a perverse game.  
It is what I have felt for a long time, it is evident that I have not found the way around yet! 

MATAJI: It's a wicked game my love! 
That is definitely it. 
For the mind it is a wicked game! 
Because for the cosmos God, whatever is beyond this illusion, it does not care about your beliefs, the beliefs (believing to be nobody's) but what you learned by walking and changing the path with your feeling and step... a day faster, another slower... a flatter day... another deeper or shallow... and we only serve him physically and mentally as long as this present Mind body serves its purpose. When it is not: 
"It discards" us as mind body and goes in search of another mind body and a new reality corresponding to this new mind body ... 
That occurs, Until the experience of the individual spirit can live nothing but this certainty and it no longer allows itself to be held back by the belief of being of the mind, but continues on looking at nothing more than the certainty of the universal spirit of which we are. Particles, and that is guiding us FROM THE INSIDE ALWAYS! 

TATri Devotee: Who is it that learns? 
The spirit? You're not supposed to learn anything... 

MATAJI: The spirit gains strength through all the Experiences that go to the individual samskaras and then to the universal! 
And in each birth he has more energy of influence against the choices of the mind. 
The mind is constantly choosing between at least Two! 
The spirit only see A possibility! 
That is why I say: doubt is mental, the certainty of the spirit. The more experiences, the more certainty! 
Where certainty dwells: There is no doubt! 

TATri Devotee: Well, the outlook is depressing in itself... I'm going to have to live millions lives more here, to ‘experience’... ha! 

MATAJI: No my love! 
You are already walking with me! 
The next life you will no longer need Guru or Satguru outside because you will contemplate this certainty! 
And it is important that you can feel that now. The certainty in the feeling of my words. Since they come out of your heart and nothing else passes through my mouth! 
I feel the strength of your spirit. But your mind still imprisons it with your beliefs of good bad and doer. This must be observed deeply, without allowing your mind to continue encapsulating you solely on a whim! You have everything to live the freedom of Being, Being beyond form! This is what I'm here for! It would not need to be! I am! 
Sincerely observe my love! 
Trust because if you are life here and now, it means that you are on the path. 

TATri Devotee: Yes. Believe me, I put my whole good will, I have returned to the advaita vedanta that speaks of all this, of unlearning and removing beliefs... 
I'm going to keep watching. 

MATAJI: Not my love! That is TATri! 
There are some similar things but it is not the same! TATri came to Complement what is already done! And when it complements it: IT RESIGNIFIES IT! 
Out there, rather than believing “to put good will”, you should be open to re-signifying the path traveled here and now! 
Nothing I am talking about is PERSONAL! Or with attempt to convince no mind! Either you open up or not! And that is for your realization that is individual! Then it can REALLY be supplemented with who you really are! Meanwhile you will be in this like this my love! 
Wanting to be free from this illusion that is there for you to free yourself if you really live it as sacred! 
I suggest that you read what I wrote you as many times as you can until your mind does not argue! 
You will see 
I do not doubt! 
And that's why I am! 

TATri Devotee: It is not my intention to confront, beloved. I simply expressed what I think I feel. I will read this as many times as I can. It is not about understanding with the mind. I know it happens the other way. 

MATAJI: Love hahahah ... that is Me, I am your Guruji until then and I do not feel that you confront me but clearly your Ego is confusing you! 
He does that! 
Read it! 😌✨ I love you and I will not please your mind, precisely because of that! 
Because my duty is in front of the liberation of your spirit that is eternal! Not in front of your limited mind! 
Stay calm! Beyond that I do not go through life bragging: but I can see and feel beyond all that is apparent to the mind! 
Your spirit would never confront me! 
Only feel! 

TATri Devotee: I will do so, my GurujiMa. I'm going to read it over and over again. 
I'm going to print it on paper. 

MATAJI: yes my love stay calm. 
Sometimes, inhabiting a body mind and everything that has a history that can confuse us and that is natural Just breathe, see life that chooses you as perfection for your spirit and: Feel my love! 
Everything will be fine. In fact everything is fine! 😘❣