TATri Organic Purification (TOP®) and TATri RAATRI SADHANA (TRS®) are two TATri® tools that like all the Psychophysical Techniques of TATri Sampradaya® (TATri YOGA Gurukul Tradition®) have been developed since the Practice and Personal and Academic Observation of SatGuruMAA Paramahansa Sadhvi Trideviji TATri Maha Yogacharini Maharishi TATiana Aleluia Freitas Martins, Current President and Founder of the "IUTYG" - International Union TATri YOGA GURUKUL, Organization that Institutionally Imparts and Represents these TATri Techniques, around the World.

TOP® TATri Organic Purification is a TATri practice that aims to harmonize and purify ALL physiological systems from the possibility of organic purification (DETOX), and the removal of impurities (toxins) in general, promoting the best functioning of the systems, mainly of the intestines.
It is a sequence of specific movements and postures, which is performed fasting and after intake of warm water (30 minutes before starting the practice) and that can be performed daily, as MATAJI indicates.

TRS® TATri RAATRI Sadhana is a TATri Practice, which is aimed at stimulating the ENDOGENOUS production of natural anti-inflammatory and sedatives, with the aim of deepening night rest, thus promoting the increase of cell restoration and as a consequence, the reduction of pathological stress (distress), offering to the Being a better quality of life.

It is a sequence of postures that MATAJI indicates to perform in bed or space that is the resting place of the person, Generating in this way the habit of this deep pre-rest and restorative practice.

by TATri Acharyas:   
TATri AnnA Acharya
Maha Cheli Beti Tara Devi MAA
TATri Mantra Acharya
Maha Cheli Soma Devi MAA