I am Yamuna, I am 74 years old, diabetic for at least 25 years, (insulin dependent), hypertensive, etc. and I was resigned to not being able to control diabetes and its consequences in all my organs.

 Thank God I decided to have a consultation with Our Divine Mother Mataji about nutrition.

 Mataji indicated a wonderful diet to me, when I read it, I said to myself: "With this I will starve."

 Dear brothers and sisters, I share the results of it for the first 3 months.

 The diet is Exquisite! It trapped me!!

 I Regulated my glucose values, my blood pressure values and lost 8 kg of weight, etc. All this supported by laboratory analysis evaluated by my Diabetologist doctor, who surprised by the results, lowered the dose of insulin that I was using.

 Asking what kind of therapy and who!!!!

 Something very noticeable is my change of mood, of will and my rest at night. I thank and venerate Our Divine Mother Mataji and Her Presence in my life, because I revived!

 I love you mom!

 I go on as you transmit us Mataji, with Your Example.

Om TATri Om🙏

(Ana Rosa González)
Buenos Aires, Argentina 
DNI: 5.159.616


 In December 2019, in the city of Bariloche, Argentina, I was traveling for a few days, and one afternoon I went out on a motorcycle, heading to the hills of the pre-cordillera area. Before this, and strolling for a while through the city's shopping center, I felt like buying a gift for my SatGuruma, which was a circular pendant in gold color, with a significant image for Me. And I felt to put it in my jacket pocket over my heart. 

 Already being on the mountain route, riding a motorcycle and a while after what was mentioned above, in a curve and against a wide curve, I lost the control of the vehicle and I jumped off flying through the air, thrown with force to the opposite lane of the route. After some important twists and turns over the road verge, by the way I felt the body as if it were a rag doll, and I couldn't do anything about it, I was ADRIFT, not even knowing if I was going to hit a stone or any object that could be located on the route. 

 I was lying on the floor, with a feeling of having the whole body asleep, after recovering a little from that state, starting to move, one of the first things I did was take out the pendant that I bought to give to my GuruJi, the box It was broken, but the gift was healthy. There I had the certainty that he protected me from death at the time of the accident, and I understood why I felt I bought it before going to ride on a motorcycle. 

 This is my testimony, that beyond my ignorant Human mind, My SatGuruMa is and protects me, as the Spiritual Mother that She is, in my path of Being Human, and of All Humanity. May your Certainty, Wisdom And love guide me always, My Lord.


Maha Chela Gnana Pranaav
(Ivan Augusto Antonini)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
DNI: 40.541.124


 Om TATri Om, there are innumerable changes that I experienced from TATri Kriya Pranayama® (mood-stabilizing neurocognitive conscious breathing technique, developed and channeled by our SatGuru Ma Paramahansa Sadhvi Trideviji), a technique that has changed my life and has been with me for more than 6 years.

 The first fact that I was able to experience was that I stopped suffering from vaginal mycosis, I had suffered from that since adolescence, for more than 10 years, and after doing the technique regularly and sustained, this did not appear again, had done thousands of treatments visited many doctors, done lots of studies, glucose curve, and a thousand more and it was always there, therefore I can give real testimony of what TKP ® has done by the moment I began.

 I have also experienced the resounding improvement of hemorrhoids on occasions doing TKP®, on several occasions. In this case, I had the blessing of doing a specialization in TKP® I have experienced a resounding improvement in the cicatrization, it took 2 days for my body to heal a scar it would have taken 15 previously, really resounding and forceful.

 Besides this right after finishing the TATri specialization course, my daughter went back to school, I passed from being home every day and managing schedules to going out again after quarantine where I must get up earlier, prepare everything for my daughter's school, walking 16 blocks twice a day and I can really assure you that I felt the change, incredible to my mind so much that I didn't even feel like drinking coffee to wake up like I did all the time before because I felt tired. I experimented muscular but not mental fatigue, I was more clear and attentive, much more stable.

 Not counting the times this tool has rescued me from anguish, anger, sadness and has allowed me to carry on as our SatGuruMa always says transiting and overcoming.

 I am eternally grateful to your spirit, your heart, your existence my Guruji, everything that I have been able to overcome and pass from your hand is unthinkable for my mind, by the hand of your TATri Vidya.

Jai Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki


TATri Anna Acharya Maha Bhakti
Aarti Devi MAA
(Arlet Viviana Chiozza Barceló)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
DNI: 28.589.716 


 🔥Om TATri Om🔥

 I share a TATri miracle lived from my heart with my son Deepak on February 10, 2021: We were returning from the city with Deepak (he has autism diagnosis) and Deepak was going through a high crisis (anger and hits to the car glass)

 Already arriving at the field where we live, I stopped the car and put the cd of Our Mamaji (for me... truly... since he was very angry).  

 In front of Mamaji's singing, EVERYTHING was dissolved, and we live a moment of unforgettable eternity... the sun was falling, the Song of Our SATGURUMA was ALIVE... and in the video you will be able to feel Deepak 😌😪🥰 He stayed in peace until today.

 Eternal Thanks My Mamaji SATGuruMa Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi Tripura Sundari Ji 🌷 For being in our day every moment in those hearts open to feel you.



Jyoti Devi
(Luz Pelayo)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
DNI: 17.806.671


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