Testimony of the materialization of salt in the images and altars of Satgurumaa Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevji placed in my home in the summer of 2020.

"In my home, the home appliances were breaking a lot, the light bulbs exploded and I used to have power cuts. All this coupled with a discomfort that causes me to be at home. In those days due to the confinement of the 2020 pandemic we were long time without going out and it was charged by electrons by the electronic devices. 

This is how my MAMAJI told me when I contacted her online to find answers and solutions. So Satgurumaa Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevji, in addition to reassuring me by informing me of the reason for the load in the house, recommended that I put Himalayan salt lamps in the rooms or, if not, glasses of water with salt that would do the same function. In addition to cleaning the whole house with water and three tablespoons of salt (chanting the mantra when putting the salt in the water 'Aum Bagavathe Tridevji Namaha'. 

I went through the whole process and began to notice how cleaner the air felt in my home, the electrical appliances stopped breaking down, I stopped suffering power cuts and the best thing was that my daughters and I were much calmer.

A few weeks passed and I was discovering how little by little the images that I have spread throughout my house of 'Satgurumaa Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevji' my Mataji had been literally turning into salt. The salt grew from the glasses as expected, something that MAMAJI told me and that I was putting back inside. (She was indicating to me that it was by the process of the purification salt). 

But what she didn't expect was that her images were also covered in salt. And that the salt materialized by the altars where the objects and pictures were for my devotion to God.

Aum Bagavate Tridevye Namaha.



 Sittaram Dasi
(María Isabel Sanchez Gaviria)
Sevilla - España


 🍃🌷🌸OM TATri OM🌸🌷🍃

I wanted to share with everyone the TATri Miracle that happened last Monday 06/28/2021 at the TATri Mata Bhakti Ashram Camino de Santiago in Ponferrada-Spain.

Last night I discovered that in the photo that presides over the altar of the hall dedicated to Maha Avatar MamajiBabaji, a trail had manifested itself as a tear fell from Mamaji's right eye. Just the eye that belongs to Mamaji in the composition of the photo.

It is a TEAR OF SALT !! At the edges it is appreciated the beginning of crystallization.

I am so excited !! A Maha Blessing of the Avatar !!

It is the third tear that is manifested in the TATri Ashram, all of which are in Mamaji's right eye in different photos and works dedicated to Her.

Thank you SatguruMa Ji for this manifestation of your Divine Love for all your children !!

All this has happened during the already long period of fasting that our Mataji has been doing for 25 days. Jai Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki !! 💗💕

To further accentuate this sign. Today at noon on the 29th a bee entered through a window near the photo of the Maha Avatar.

I was able to take it out again. After closing all the windows. After a while I heard a buzzing noise. The bee was INSIDE again! I don't know how it could do it. At first it was almost impossible. Completely surprised I threw it out again. After a while I heard the buzz again.. IT WAS INSIDE AGAIN. Completely overwhelmed I threw it out and it did not come back. I can't explain how it all happened.

Three times the bee entered... TRIDEVI MA!

Great Signs of God's Love !! Jai Ho Maha Avatar Ki !! 🌟 Jai Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki !! JAI !!!🌎💗💕


Maha Chela Akash Sanandana Das
(Carlos Becerra Luna)
DNI : 28775543J
Ponferrada - España


Om TATri Om

I want to share the TATri Miracle that happened at the TATri Mata Ashram New Zealand on May 1, 2021. 15 days before, the direct devotees of our SatGuruMaa realized an International TATri Aarti and TATri Homa, each one in their homes connected with her heart.

After 2 weeks, I realize that the paper where the TATri Purna Sutra and the TATri Invocation are, as well as the blessing photo of our Mamaji, had been filled with salt! It was a surprise and a Maha TATri blessing to be able to witness the TATri Miracle of salt materialization in our TATri Mata Ashram by the energy, love and omnipresence of our SatGuruMaa.

In devotion to your presence and guidance in our lives, to your tools and your love, to your Durga and your Kali, by saving my life second by second. Surrendered to your feet forever my Divine Mother, my SatGuruMaa, my Mamaji✨ ♥ ️🙏 ♥ ️✨

Jay Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki!



TATri Maha Bhakti Maya Devi
(Luciana Valeria Bruschtein)
DNI : 31.877.724
Nueva Zelanda


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