BLESSED SATSANG: Questions to Our Mataji on Instagram


 Om TATri Om Mataji. What are the benefits of raising the kundalini? How do I know it rises?


1) It awaken in the presence or 'touch' of the Satguru of your spirit / or in very few cases, it already comes awake. (you feel gratitude beyond form when it has awakened and you feel the life that you are).

2) It ascends depending on the internal and external work of VOLUNTARY observation of the being open to learning from the INTERNAL experiential experience.

3) Psychophysical practices such as conscious eating, yoga, meditation, arts, favor the harmony of the chakras and that the Step for the ascent of the kundalini is more SUBTLE.


- How can I serve God and people?


Honor the life that divinity gives you every second!

Take care of who you spend your time with, take care of the quality of thoughts that allow stay in your mind, take care of what you eat… in the end… take care of what goes in and comes out of you…

Remember that you are life in expansion and not, the owner of life… and that while this life lives on, you are on the path to transcend it! 

After you feel self-realization and honor your human difference that makes you unique and complementary, you will be able to serve your brothers or the planet allowing you to complement, complementing their differences!

There is not a soul in this illusion that evolves alone, the evolution is collective!

So: to transcend and connect our differences that make it possible for us to complement and strengthen ourselves as particles of God!


- Mamaji!!! How do we rekindle the flame of our mission and joy in these times?

My love, the human mission has never been individual.
The most important thing to specify your function, which is individual, is to embrace your nature (just as I know that you have always done, beyond that now you find yourself fragile) and to be in OBSERVATION WITHOUT JUDGMENT mainly outwards, inwards, honoring the sacred human being that chooses your spirit here and now as a path to Transcendence.

You are incredibly magical. Stay as you are! Don't let the pain of these last years overshadow this vibrant and beautiful being that you are! 

You don't need anything else my love, just observe everything that the Divinity offers you second by second!

You are already on the Path! 


- Om TATri Om Mamaji, - Om TATri Om Mamaji, How can we help people who feel emotionally paralyzed? That they don't know what they feel, that they feel an emptiness in their being and that they can't connect with themselves? How could they 'wake up'?


1. At TATri we don't help anyone… only God helps! Human beings accompany and complement each other in our differences.

2. Nobody who is neurotypical is totally incapable of feeling. Even neurodifferentiated can be hypersensitive. They will minimally feel sensations.

3. I, Mataji, indicate being independent of your condition, to observe yourself and observe without dialogue! Confusion and suffering itself are perpetuated by too much mental dialogue.


5. Lower the level of self-demand and the constant need to prove something to someone.

6. Break the cycle of social hypocrisy.



- Mataji, when a baby is born dead. Can it happen that a member of the family sees it and feels it?


No my love!

Imagine that according to what I perceive, stillborn babies are spirits that have only needed these months of intrauterine life to fulfill what they needed karmically in front of their own spirits and/or the spiritual reality of the family to which they belong. has chosen to be born!

There would be no reason for anyone to be able to see them since there would be nothing to encapsulate them in this reality.


- Why is it easy for some people to create abundance and for others it is difficult to have abundance?

Om TATri Om my Love!

All spirits choose the Human reality that they must transit and transcend. From this same reality, you will need to learn to receive the necessary tools to continue walking…

All Human reality is full of petals and thorns... and the most important thing is how much we are open to receive learning... Then more petals or more thorns will be repeated depending on how much we learn at each step... and these experiences will be repeated over and over again time while our mind is closed to surrender to learning without resignation.

In other words, we must exhaust all the possibilities that our own mind can contemplate and Then, when we find no more possibilities, we must take refuge in the certainty that the Impossible is in the hands of the Divinity that Lives us and is not afraid to LIVE!


- What is the best way to treat a loved one who is undergoing chemotherapy?


My love, Om TATri Om.

Every disease process is purification for the spirit of those who go through it and a great possibility of valuing life for all those who accompany it... Even for the one who goes through it!

Sickness, even death of who we love, is teaching us that the life that remains and we have left must be honored beyond the way it continues to be in us here and now!

So the best way to accompany a loved one through any chronic disease process, being, terminal or not... severe or mild... is to respect his moment and beyond trying to solve a problem, is to accompany him in what he himself allows him! Mainly respecting his times, his subjective possibilities!

Listen to him more...

And try not to project your own fears and regrets onto the process of it!

On the other hand, you can direct as TATri Monitor, 'TATri Kriya Pranayama®' and/or tell him to join the open and free groups. This will accompany him a lot and also, his diet is very important. He must be well accompanied at a nutritional level so that he can transit and transcend the ongoing treatment, in the best possible way from the inside out!


- Mamaji, how do I know if I'm with the right person?


My Love, the right person IS YOU!

And whoever walks by your side, must respect who you are!

Encouraging you to shine without denying your darkness.

Don't lose yourself!

The biggest mistake of the human being in a couple, is to stop being oneself depersonalizing believing that he can retain who has fallen in love with what you were!

- Mamaji, as long as we don't feel acceptance and gratitude towards life, is it enough to live selflessly?


My love... for this and for this is the wheel of life and death!

Who lives selfless?

It is only the mind!

The mind is a temporary tool just like the body... And disposable too!

So she will live selfless while she thinks she exists and is something!

When, in this life or another, it lives long enough to realize that it is nothing more than a tool in service of a greater and largely intangible purpose to its nature...there will come, the understanding you so seek now and believe not be able to reach!


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