TATri Testimony: TATri Accompaniment

My TATriespiritual name is Arya Devi, which is manifesting itself deeply in me after a year of endless medical interventions. 

From the mud the lotus flower is born. 

Having crossed borders between countries in the midst of the pandemic, thinking of being only a few weeks in Argentina, I have had to stay for a year. Throughout this year I have undergone two operations, one of them absolutely risky where, they have burned, for second time, a  liver carcinoma open - sky. My body has been invaded by 16 radioactive imaging machines and radioactive fluids. I have had countless medical visits. I have had bone infiltrations. And almost necessarily I have had to go through a tremendous bureaucracy to be able to enter the waiting list for liver transplant. And the hardest thing of all has been receiving the medical reports alone. 

Alone? Perhaps physically... now, mentally and spiritually I have sustained myself in Your Name, Mother of All, and your mantras, and I have evoked Your face and Your presence; and You, with your infinite TATri mercy and compassion have been there for me, knowing my mind and my mood swings and attachments, knowing my need for illusory freedom while respecting what my path is.

All this year, TATriji, Mataji, Mamaji, Sadhvi Tridevi Ma Tripura Sundari Adi Shakti !!! You have been by my side and have given me Your valuable time without any interest other than that of my recovery. 

In Your precious time of TATriservice You have taken care, YOU, of communicating with me while waiting to know how my psychophysical process was evolving. 

My TATri Sadhana after the operation in February was key to the recovery of my liver and it was very long. You, my Mother, followed me without asking for anything in return. Never, in all this year 2021, have you denied me anything, not your word, nor stopped attending or listening to me, despite my mental attitudes, never! 

You have granted me so much Dakshina creating support, abundance, protection and so much Love!!! You have made me understand that the only thing that matters is the devotion of the heart.

TATriji My mother, I love you as a Mother is loved, with much love and contradiction, where Love always wins, You know it. 

I have learned so much with Your philosophy and Your integrity. I would not have been able to reach this state of TATri resignification of who Arya Devi is and what she wants and how strong she can be without Your TATri transmissions. Your TATri philosophy has also made me aware of how much rubbish I still carry through my constructed beliefs. But I apprehend and understand always better accompanied by the TATri experiences and Your presence / fire in my life. I know how to be in Atenttion, without tension,   to work on the NO mental dialogue and the observation. And what is so important, live my emotions and sensations that, although for times they are almost unsustainable, I consciously decide to feel them and also go through them with joy. Yes, it is true, with joy and surprise. 

In this new TATricconsciousness I already understood that opening the door to pain is the deep evolutionary process and what is produced is unbreakable and reassuring. Sometimes I perceive this new state of Being as energetically elevated. I can bear pain and sadness with TATri nobility, and that pain and sadness become TATrijewels that I feel as they transmute my soul reflecting in my steps. 

Jai Ma! 

I love you Mataji to tears!!! 

Long Live Sadhvi Tridevi Ma Tripura Sundari Adi Shakti!!! 


Flavia Maucci, Arya Devi
DNI 13.677.324


Buenos Aires, November 14, 2021.

With immense thanks to MATAJI, this story goes on my behalf.

At my place of work, where I worked for many years alongside the owner and various co-workers; At one point, strange phenomena began to occur for those of us who shared the place daily.

I remember years ago walking inside the workplace, observing a tool that I was carrying in my hands and to my right, out of the corner of my eye, seeing a shadow quickly pass by. This phenomenon was repeated several times. Until one day I asked my co-workers if they could stay overtime to finish a job that we needed to deliver urgently and they told me no. When asking why?, they tell me: to answer that, we better call the boy the protagonist of a fact and that he directly comment on it.

Then I contacted him; who tells me that being inside the premises, he saw a black shadow pass from the back towards the exit as if it were a flag and for this reason he does not want to stay to work after hours.

He was immediately associated by me with the shadows that he had seen.

Months later, at a barbecue that we organized to say goodbye to the year, when we were about to toast, it occurred to me to ask: if anyone had seen any strange phenomenon inside the premises; and out of approximately eight people, five had encountered said shadow.

Some time later, the situation escalates when the sales manager sees two legs in jeans and sneakers behind a bulkhead that covered up to his waist. The remarkable thing was that a person to get to that place, could not have done it without being seen by the person in charge, who had been on the site for a long time and from there he controlled all angles.

The manager immediately went to try to identify who was behind the bulkhead and no longer found anyone.

At the same time, inside the premises, things that logically shouldn't have been continually misaligned or broken down.

We went on like this for months, until one day while I was away from the company, they told me on my cell phone that two workers who had recently joined the campus, individually and at different times, had been seeing an unknown person who was constantly watching them from a short distance, inside the premises.

Immediately, I go to work, with an old photograph of a group of employees (unknown to both of them), in which more than ten people could be seen.

In an isolated and individual way, I show said photo to each one, where I ask them if they could identify the person who had been observing them.

The result was that, upon seeing her, they instantly pointed their fingers, both identifying the same person.

The sales person and I (literally) got goosebumps to discover that, without hesitation, these two guys had identified a former colleague of ours who had passed away eight years earlier.

Another day when entering, an employee went to the electrical panel of the premises and when he turns on the lights he is 1.5 meters away. with our ex-companion leaning out from the edge of an arcade located next to said board.

Then, with this scenario, the staff did not feel comfortable at work and when discussing possible solutions, I proposed to speak with MATAJI and advise us to help our dear deceased colleague to continue on his way.

I, afraid of bothering her with our problem, contacted MATAJI briefly informing her of our situation, where she replied very kindly: Thank you Ricardo for remembering me!

MATAJI, (who was 500km away in Necochea) was indicating the steps to follow, describing what we had to do in certain areas of the premises (which, without knowing, was perfectly describing places, objects, aromas and colors).

He warned us not to get scared, that in the process sounds could be produced and objects moved for no reason.

AND SO IT WAS: fluorescent tube ceiling lights fell, at another time a dichroic lamp was thrown, which was supported by an important screw with a firmly tightened nut.

A radio was also moved for no reason, which was placed on top of a refrigerator while staff ate lunch.

One morning, upon entering, a door to the patio appeared, with strange drawings as if they had been made with fingers dipped in oil.

In the bathroom, in an incomprehensible way, the medicine cabinet came off when the screw that held it very firmly on the wall came out, despite being embedded.

A pack of cigarettes missing and a lighter in its place, as used by our former colleague appeared next to the threshold of the street door, where he sat smoking to wait for the time of entry.

An empty wine bottle was also found in the trash can.

At one point bells were ringing in the bathroom, and when consulting with MATAJI, he said that they had nothing to do with our partner, but She made them ring.

Everything described was happening while we carried out the procedure indicated by MATAJI for twenty-one days; and we also had to take care of a little plant that She recommended to get to put in a certain place of the premises.

At the end of the task there was no more demonstration of any kind, and MATAJI told us that he was able to continue on his way and is grateful for the help we gave him to do so. To finish, I can say that I, not being a religious person; This experience confirmed to me that we are not just a physical body and that existence does not end after death.

With great affection to MATAJI and the colleagues who collaborated.

Ricardo Daniel Antonini
DNI : 13.132.396



Om TATri Om🙏

I wanted to share a TATri Testimony:

Last January my mother suffered a fall and was taken to a specialized clinic. There the doctors, after several studies, finally concluded that she had a pelvic fracture and since there is no way to cast, they indicated absolute rest for 40 days.

I saw my mother who had been a volunteer in the hospital of terminally ill people for 25 years, and even though she had some catheters in her body from the liver out to drain her bile due to a disease they said was incurable, she kept going to the hospital to support those who need it most. And many other things that it is unnecessary to describe here... now at her 83 years confined to a bed, her mind confused even at times not knowing where she was and who knows for how much longer, she would be able to recognize me...

I told Mamaji all this, hurt, I felt that my mother in no way deserved to end like this. Sometimes seeing someone suffer is worse than suffering yourself.

Mamaji accompanied me at all times, resignifying everything and enlightening me with her TATri Vidya.

The day after talking to Mataji and inspired by Her, I asked for an interview with another specialized trauma doctor, appointments are usually not immediate, but in this case, incredibly, there was only one appointment left for that same day... and I took it. He turned out to be a very experienced doctor, and looking at the studies, he told me that it was not a fracture, but a slight fissure, with which absolute rest was not necessary (which would even be counterproductive due to his advanced age) and that my mother was going to being able to start walking little by little with a walker.

I no longer needed to be confined to a bed for who knows how long!!!

Once again, I AM A WITNESS of the MIRACLES and of the IMMEASURABLE LOVE OF OUR MAMAJI and of how She, as the Divine Mother that She Is, watches over her creatures... I know that these words that I write here will never describe what I experienced, because that is impossible. But let it serve as one MORE TESTIMONY together with the thousands of others that already exist in the heart of each one of his devotees around the world.



Maha Bhakti Mahadevi Dasi
(Eugenia Pisano)
DNI : 16.974.011
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Om TATri Om🙏

4 days ago a friend hummed a mantra to me via WhatsApp audio that we were listening to 12 years ago when I didn't even know our SATGuruMA.

He asked me if i could look for it without hurry and I have all the WhatsApp audios, ringtones and songs always mixed up on the phone, I told him, I'm looking for it but the most likely is that I won't find it because I never pay attention to it and I do not find anything in the folder of audio files. 

I set out to listen to random audios and the second I heard was from a person who had taken my daughter's clothes to an American fair in June 2021 and he told me that when he sold it he would notify me and pay. In first place, it was very striking to have come across this audio and I doubted whether or not to consult the person in question for the more than 6 months that had passed, then I became aware that this couldn't be an isolated event since everything happens for something, whether we know why or not, as our Guruji always says. I sent him the audio and he replied that he was going to fix it. 

In that moment for me it was enough to have made the decision to talk to him about this and I felt very happy. Yesterday I had an expense that I did not expect to have to make, and not being able to face it was going to be painful for me since I felt that I had to do it very strongly. Without hesitation I made the payment and I thought, I don't know how I am going to cover the bills that come next week, anyway I had already done it and I was still feeling that it was the best despite everything. 

At night I receive a proof of payment of this person I had contacted about my daughter's clothes, for a lesser value that of the payment made but just to be able to cover the expenses of the coming week, that in addition the sum of its numbers was 9, one of the two favorite numbers of my SATGuruMa and for TATri devotees like me, a confirmation. 

A confirmation, this TATri message, that God honors those who honor him, as our SATGuruMa ji says 🙏.

A confirmation that if one does what he feels in his heart, honoring our God through genuine feeling, God will honor us in the same way and even more 🙏.

There is nothing more beautiful than having the possibility of feeling and living from what TATri (our SATGuru Ma Paramahansa Sadhvi Trideviji) has come to offer us, there are no words to thank, which could be enough to express the feeling of my heart.



TATri Anna Acharya Maha Bhakti Aarti Devi Maa 
(Arlet Viviana Chiozza Barceló)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
DNI: 28.589.716


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