BLESSED SATSANG: Questions to Our Mataji on Instagram


- Mataji: How to distinguish a mental self-demand from exhausting the possibilities of my spirit?


WHEN THE POSSIBILITY IS YOURS, you don't hesitate to execute it!

In other words... you have the resources to go through it and make use of it even if the mind, for convenience, has refused and LATE to look at it because it chooses to look to the other way without listening to the background NOISE made by the RESTING AND THE DENIAL of its responsibility!

And more... when you are PUTTING IT INTO PRACTICE you feel Peace and not Weight!



Beloved Mother, how can I block my aura so it doesn't get dirty?


Om TATri Om, my love. 

Let us first understand that the auric field is a product of the psycho-physical body and is part of our sensory and visceral perception... even... it comes forward physically and mentally forming a dynamic oval/helliptic halo as you can sometimes see represented... since it is very easy to see it for someones...

The aura is subtle, but it does not belong, as some theories affirm, to the spiritual plane... it is a less dense part of the psycho-physical plane.

So if you are harmonized from the inside out, the aura expands and enhances your sensitivity. And if you are not attuned, the aura shrinks. If you have a chronic psycho-physical disease, depending on the affected organ or area, if you are not harmonized, it can show off with black, brown or gray spots.

1- Main chakras are a product of psycho physical functioning.

2- The aura is an energetic impression of the functioning of said main energy centers.

3- To harmonize them, you need a conscious diet, adequate sleep, moderate physical activity, and... a psycho-emotional philosophy that does not allow you to stagnate in any emotional state.

4- The best way to take care of the aura is to take care of our psycho-physical-emotional quality of life in a genuine and conscious way!


Mataji, how do I accompany my day to day with the 5 elements that live in me?


Om TATri Om, my love. 

You already do this/we do it even without conscience. In fact, our densest physical STRUCTURE is made up of 4 of the 5 elements... so look at the elements themselves outside of you and associate them with your basic needs... it's more intuitive than it sounds... and then follow your associative intuition and observe the answer... then you will learn by trial and error which element makes you more subtle or burdens you more...

And to HARMONIZE beyond your own possibility in an intuitive and individual way, you can resort to psychophysical techniques such as TKP®️ (TATri Kriya Pranayama), which is one of the tools of the TATri Sampradaya and part of the yoga originally known as The Yoga of the Comprehension of the Elements... The TATri Yoga.

There are ways to practice it with my direct devotees and even TATri Acharyas for Free and in On Line group classes and even individual and personalized classes at an affordable cost, my love. You can sign up for the TATri Mata Ashram 'ON'... I created it to help everyone in need at this time of pandemic. This one has a cost, but it is very cheap for now, for a solidarity matter. 

So you can do many things!


- Mamaji, I'm confused how to 'exhaust possibilities' without falling into self-demand, 'is good'? 


My love, exhausting THE POSSIBILITIES IS THIS: EXHAUST YOUR POSSIBILITIES... ONLY YOURS! Not those of the other or the possibility of the other... that's where you get confused... unless the possibility of the other is perfect for you as you could have felt it by yourself, exactly like that... however, due to some distraction you haven’t Seen it... is understood, my love?

Then: in TATri we must exhaust our possibilities...

How to know if we have exhausted? NO BACKGROUND NOISE LEFT or a feeling of missing! When you really exhaust YOUR POSSIBILITIES WITH SINCERITY, THERE IS NO ROOM FOR GUILT, much less SELF-DEMAND OR JUDGMENT... because together with the attitude of sincerely exhausting possibilities, comes the certainty that you gave the best of yourself here and now... is to do what it is possible and understand that the IMPOSSIBLE IS ONLY FOR GOD!


- Om TATri Om. In TATri there is no good and bad... my question is what do we do with people who are not compatible? 


It must be understood that we are all complementary in our differences... however, not all of us are compatible my love... and it is perfect too... So if there is no affinity and resonance with the beliefs of the other, if there is no need for karmic coexistence, you just have to keep walking... 

We must learn to respect ourselves in our differences and possibilities, and over time those who really resonate with our steps will come closer! 

While the mind tries to impose a reality that is not needed, WE WILL NOT BE READY to receive what our spirit needs! 

You have to be vigilant and watchful. Everything is perfect in the end. 

Om TATri Om my heart.

Mataji, behind a chemical addiction is there an emotional one?


My Love, EVERYTHING DEFINITELY EVERYTHING we are attached today that generates mainly internal conflict, are processes or experiences that we have not been able to elaborate in childhood in a functional way!

On the other hand, in TATri, the objective when we are already adults and we are not neurodifferentiated (that is, we are Neurotypical), we must understand that now the most important thing is not to deny our experience and to do the best with the little or much that we have left of our history... then... the ability to resignify the path and what we feel when walking, becomes possible!

In the same way, the yearning of the spirit that lives this reality is never ruled out.


Om TATri Om Mamaji. And what about the addiction to white flour?

The same, my love. The compulsion to feed is an addiction! And you can't choose what you eat if you have economic conditions and you don't do it because you think you need a food that doesn't make you any good. You just have to pay attention to what you feel when you eat that food!

And observe cost benefit when consuming it!

And if the person is neurotypical, the only thing that separates him/her from liberation is the understanding that he/she does not need to hurt himself/herself!

And that while life chooses you, you are on the way to learn to be the best version of yourself in the face of the desire of this spirit that lives you!!


- When does one come to understand and become strong to change that addiction? 


Remember my love, that in TATri No one can change the path that is not ready to walk! We could not even SEE that path, if we are not ready!

So the time and space will depend on each one. However it will be at the perfect time for your spirit and its purpose in reincarnating this illusion!

Which is the best way to worship you?


My heart, you are already doing it... I can feel that the God who lives me and lives you receives your love and devotion, beyond the form.

Keep honoring the life that you live... Be gratitude for the possibility that you are of transcendence. You manifest the gift of life.

On the other hand my love, if you want to get to know TATri more closely, beyond the languaje, that is predominantly spanish, sign up for all the TATri MasterClass I may be giving in Parampara mode.

And start to follow every wednesday, the TATri Mata Poojas that the devotees from different part of the world do.

So I leave you here the Sanandana Link, my Europe's Maha TATri, so you can ask if you want to be in the open practices of the TATri Mata Ashram 'ON' and TATri Mata Pooja.


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