TATri Testimony: 

I was blessed to spend some time with Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi Maa in Kathmandu in March 2022, and few times we went to one of Her favourite places - the last ghat of Bagmati river.

A day before I had to leave, Mamaji spontaneously decided to have a walk in direction of Pashupatinath. At the entrance security greeted Mataji with “OM NAMO NARAYAN”, even if it’s more common to hear “Jay Shambo” at this place.

We kept walking, and soon there was a big Narayan in front of us, Mamaji screamed “OM NAMO NARAYAN” again and went in direction of Her favourite spot at Bagmati.

Like a few days ago, there was some clothes laying, She bent down to take it away and at this moment She exclaimed something and suddenly picked from the ground a black thing.

Me and Maha Cheli Beti Tara Devi were just a meter away, so Mamaji turned to us and showed that it was a huge in size and perfect in shape shaligram!!

It was so unbelievable for all of us to imagine, this place is not a secret hidden spot, it was just few steps away from the road where people walk each few minutes, this shaligram just could not lay there without catching attention!

While we were still amazed, Mamaji went into meditation, which lasted longer than usual and was also special, because all the animals from around came to receive a darshan, and one big monkey stayed on the other side of the river looking after Mamaji.

Later She shared with us, that She had a vision that this Shaligram appeared on the ghat the moment She stepped on it, opening like a flower. And that all Her life She wanted to have a shaligram, but had a certaince that God will give Himself to Her in this form, so She never bought it and had trust in this feeling.

While walking back we passed Narayan again, and Mamaji touched His feet with Shaligram, shining with so special glow on Her face.

Om Namo Narayanaya.

Aum Bagavate Trideviye Namaha.

No words can express gratitude for being there with Mamaji at this moment, witnessing a TATri miracle.

(Masha Pereira) 
Lc 23513412



Om TATri Om, I am Aarti Devi, direct devotee and one of the TATri Acharyas of our SATGuruMA Paramahansa Sadhvi TrideviJi, I don't have much to add to the picture that speaks for itself!!

I was about to light my altar candle to honor and thank my SATGuruMA for the possibility of sharing and receiving Her tools when I saw the perfect trident formed in the papillo candle and I stood there contemplating it very surprised and with great gratitude.

For me it is a confirmation that, as difficult as it may seem to my mind, it can be done!

As our Mamaji tells us, do what is possible because for the impossible there's God.

One more example of the light of our SATGuruMA lighting the path for us to see where we should walk, and hold on to it.

At your holy feet my Guruji. 

Jai Ho TATri Mata Shree Ki.

TATri Anna Acharya Maha Bhakti Aarti Devi Maa

(Arlet Viviana Chiozza Barceló)
DNI 28.589.716
Buenos Aires, Argentina



TATri Testimony: Instant of Eternity

I have missed my parents mom and dad too much since last february. I have missed the support, order, containment; all familiar life stuff. Have missed them both deeply in mind and heart...

Days went by with my responsabilities and commitments with my jobs... with joy and bliss adjusting to one of them especially.

Deep absense went by...

Until the first hours on March, 30th, 2022; in my dream a TATri Miracle happened: I had access?! To the place where My Mother is now!!! I HAVE Seen My Mother!!! Her face her eyes her beautiful smile... a short and wonderful question from her... Her joy.... Her Presence once more.... Instant of Eternity... is what I can say... just that... I can't describe it really, there are no words to express such an Inmense Blessing and Happines...!!! Of that moment?!

Infinte Thanks to My Satguru MAA Ji of my lifes because I have the certainty in my heart that this Miracle Has happened through You ❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥 

Aúm Bagavaté Trideviyé Namaha ❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥 Eternally Evamastú❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥🙏🏻

TATri Mantra Acharya Maha Cheli Soma Devi Maa
(Sonia Wolkenstein)
DNI 18.553.130
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Testimony – TATri Organic Purification (TOP®):

I started practicing TATri Organic Purification (TOP®) after participating in a TATri Conscious feeding retreat taught by my Mataji, SatuguruMA Paramahansa Sadhvi Trideviji.

Before I would like to put my personal situation in context, I had been suffering from chronic pain in the left abdominal sector for two years, very annoying that appeared and disappeared at different levels of intensity, sometimes the pain gripped me while walking in the street and I had to stop, twisted,product of that same ailment. Although I used to have gastritis, it was very different from any stomach pain I might have felt before. I had already visited several doctors and none had hit the nail on the head, I had simply resigned myself to dealing with that discomfort and the mood swings it caused me.

From the first time I practiced TOP®, I felt relieved. I usually suffered from a lot of abdominal inflammation, and as I did each morning practice, I could feel my abdomen deflate, and for me it was incredible to see every morning how I was freeing myself from what I did not need, it really feels like it is purifying each organ. But the most magical thing and for which I am immensely grateful is that by doing my weekly practices, that abdominal pain that was so bad for me, the one that no doctor had been able to take away from me up to that moment, completely disappeared!!! The TOP® really made a functional balance in me, the days start different after doing the morning practice, it's as if my body cried out every morning to give it that support to function properly. What I feel with the TOP® is as if it had really been developed to counteract all the intestinal and stomach discomforts in my body, it is wonderful for me!

For me, TOP® was a miracle in my life because it allowed me to go through my days without that, before, chronic pain with which I had resigned myself to live.

Thanks to my SatuguruMA for sharing such a beautiful and valuable tool with us, always accompanying us on our path and lightening our step so much in this life and in all those that remain.


Lakshmini Dasi
(Dania Yésica Sabrina
Barrera Silva)
DNI: 33.787.049


OM TATri OM brothers, sisters, universe I want to thank with all my heart and soul and express the before and after meeting our spiritual mother Mamaji.

The pandemic, like to all of us, did not leave us well, losing jobs, lack of work, illnesses, etc, etc.

Not long ago the day of our beloved mother's event I was very sad I raised my hand to ask Mamaji if She could bless my dogs and without realizing it She said something like Shree Devi what a light you have. 

I finished and after a while they called me to do gastronomic events in a place near where I live with my partner Nina. The complex is called 'La Serranita'.

I want to share the TATri miracle that she brings up through God in our souls. 

Thank you for your existence, for making me wake up, for feeling that it is beautiful to walk hand in hand with you.

I love you

OM TATri OM 🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌷🌈🥰 it goes with Jaiiiii

Shree Devi
(María Gabriela Viera Douquette)
DNI: 18.879.391


Trip from Seville to Ponferrada with our SatguruMa Ji…

Om TATri Om

I wanted to share with you the TATri Miracles that our Mamaji gave me during our trip to Ponferrada.

Throughout the journey I was worried about how to get there and be able to move all the suitcases, especially the one that kept the Darshan materials, since they were very heavy.

To take them to the Bus Station from which Mamaji and I were leaving, we had the help of devotees who came to see us off. That was already a gift!!

During the bus ride the first TATri Miracle occurred. Thank God Mamaji was able to place herself between two seats to be more comfortable and the girl who was entitled to one of the seats offered it to her without problems and during the long trip nobody claimed the other seat. That was a Maha Blessing since Mamaji, due to the stiffness of the seats and the lack of stops, could not have endured the trip.

Upon arrival in Leon. The first stop of the trip. Miraculously, once all the bags were down, a man appeared out of nowhere, insisted on helping me carry the heaviest bag. Without him I don't know how I would have done it.

We were able to take it to the Station locker to store them for a while and thus be able to rest.
Once in the left-luggage office, there was no way to put the heavy suitcase in the locker and suddenly a lady, the only one who was there, approached me and offered to keep them for me.

She began to talk to me and very kindly told me that she was in León to fulfill her grandfather's promise to return.

Already with Mamaji she told us that she was from Argentina!! It was very strong to hear this knowing how much our Guruji loves Argentina.

I gave her a blessed postcard from our Mamaji and she received it with lots of love…

She put the suitcase away and we were able to go have a coffee and rest.


On the way back she also helped me carry my suitcase to the bus.

The trip from León to Ponferrada was very beautiful.

Upon arrival at the TATri Ashram, to carry the suitcases, my neighbor downstairs was “coincidentally” at the door and he also helped me carry it up. It was all so TATri MAGICAL!!!

A Maha Blessing from our Mamaji to have been able to contemplate all these Miracles that God gives us in LIFE.

As God in his infinite Love protects and cares for us always.


Maha Chela Akash Sanandana Das
(Carlos Becerra Luna)
DNI : 28775543J
Ponferrada, España


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