TESTIMONY by Maha Chela
Babaji Narayan

Om TATri Om Everyone馃檹馃徏
I am Maha Chela Babaji Narayan and I share with you a new TATri Blessing and Miracle from our SATGuruMAA.

Our Mataji blessed me along with two of our TATri brothers, Garuda Raj and Jaya Aravinda, with the possibility of doing Seva to HER DIVINE SEVA.
She asked us for the task of being present and supervising the construction of a fence that was carried out on the land of an Ashram under construction in Argentina.

To do this we had to travel to that place, and the day before, talking with Aravinda about weather issues, they predicted rain for several of those days, which made us think that the operators were not going to work in those conditions. (Photo 1)

I consulted Mataji to see what we were going to do, to which she replied that “in that area, the wind meant that the weather could change from one hour to the next, so we traveled Yes or yes, no option".

The next day, a very early Friday, we started the trip guided by the certainty of our Mataji.

Practically from the moment we left until we arrived at our destination, the constant was rain/drizzle. Upon reaching the destination, a light drizzle and very cold greeted us, our brother Garuda and the workers were already on the ground. That they were not only working but they were in an advanced stage of the assembly. The First Blessing.

We observe and tour everything from a distance so as not to interfere with their activities.

At the end of an hour or so of our arrival, it had stopped raining and the wind was starting to pick up, to which to my surprise, I can only add that by noon the sky was clear and sunny. Late in the afternoon the temperature was very pleasant. Second Blessing of the day.

During all those hours of observation and enjoying the peace that was felt in the place, we saw the presence of a group of owls, at least 4 prowling around the area.

By approximately 4:00 pm, the Third Blessing, they had finished the tasks in a very professional manner and with a speed that left us speechless.

Before traveling, with Aravinda we had anticipated that with a bit of luck they would require a minimum of 48 hours. With a Joy that cannot be expressed in words, we inspected the entire fence and videos/photos were taken to record what was done.

When finished, we got ready to close the "provisional gate" of entry and headed towards the truck, while we talked full of happiness, I observed that one of the owls that had flown over the place all the time, perched on one of the entrance pillar posts.

I decided to approach stealthily, so as not to "scare" it, but this was far from happening, on the contrary, it remained immutable and friendly, it allowed me to approach a meter and a half to take pictures of it and in an instant it emitted, looking me in the eyes, a characteristic sound of these birds, and the sensation I felt at that moment was beautifully wonderful… chills in between, I felt as if it “spoke to me and said”… “Go easy, I'll stay here taking care of everything; I am the Guardian of the place”. (Photo 2)

I returned my steps to my brothers and we started on our way to the city, stunned by what we had experienced. As we walked away, it stood firm on the pole. On the way we made the decision (after consulting Mataji) to take advantage of the next day to protect the wood with a product intended for that purpose.

At night after dinner, we retire to rest, physically tired but overflowing with joy, gratitude and fulfillment.

The next day, we had an early breakfast and went to buy the materials to carry out the protection work. We went to the land, and a New Blessing, the owl was there "waiting for us, the Guardian" on one of the central side posts of the fence, I approached again to photograph it and after the photo, it took flight...this time my feeling was that "Now that we had returned, he had already fulfilled the function of guarding the property." (Photo 3)

We did our job, which was faster than expected... and there we were, the three TATri Brothers... We felt "Giants", "Inflated breasts", "Plethoric"... I don't know what word could describe the sensations of that moment.

Feeling Grateful and Blessed for this infinite possibility that Mataji has given us, feeling ourselves writing and being part as "pioneers" of this history, which will be for future generations, as Mataji has expressed in relation to the land..."In this Earth has to germinate TRUE-LOVE” Returning happily to the city, we sent Mataji the video/photo material of everything and what we experienced with the owl. SATGuruMA told us about the Blessing of Prosperity and the TATri Miracle that it represents, of which we had been direct witnesses.

The Owl is a natural Guardian of the earth, it is the vehicle of the goddess Lakshmi (Prosperity), Friday is the day that offerings are made to her. (Photo 4)

In addition, she told us a personal story of TRUE- LOVE that links her to her Father and that little animal which he had promised to give her. These words barely reflect the emotions I have felt and feel every time I am providing Service to my SATGuruMAA and how Blessed I feel for the possibility of accompanying HIS SACRED STEPS on this BLESSED EARTH.


Maha Chela Babaji Narayan
(Ricardo Alberto Chiapuzzo)
DNI: 17.836.942

TESTIMONY by Maha Bhakta
Garuda Raj

Om TATri Om.

Just when the fencing of the land for the construction of the TATri Ashram in Necochea was finished, at the same moment we received the message from Mamaji asking us for a photo of it... at that precise moment an owl appeared and stopped nothing more and nothing less, that in one of the poles at the entrance of the gate, as if to say: I am going to take care of Here!!! coming out for the photo!!! 

Another TATri Miracle! Everything in tune everything in sync! Marvelous!!!!

Maha Bhakta Garuda Raj
(Gustavo Juan Di N谩poli)
DNI: 25.463.233

TESTIMONY by Maha Bhakta
Aravinda Jaya

Om TATri Om everyone 馃檹

I am Maha Baktha Aravinda Jaya.

I fully share the testimonies and details of my brothers Maha Chela Babaji Narayan and Maha Baktha Garuda Raj, it was a great blessing to have been able to participate in this TATri task entrusted by our MataJi. It has been a beautiful journey in every moment. 

I was surprised the same day of the trip, by the weather condition expected by the forecasts, that during the trip there were rains, and by the time we arrived at the place we found that the weather there, was not only much better than expected, but the operators were moving quickly with the works. 

In the previous days, it had been difficult to organize with the times of each one and date of travel, added to the availability of the operators who would carry out the work. In fact, there was a previous tentative date that was suspended at the last minute, leaving the trip postponed for Friday.

And having foreseen 2 days of work, it could be completed on the same Friday, giving time for Saturday to start with the work of the protective painting, which we had not planned in any way. 

It has been an alignment of joint tasks, times and journeys that I cannot stop of being surprised even until today. 

I just have to thank our Mataji and continue to feel the emotion of having had the blessing of performing.


Maha Bhakta Aravinda Jaya
(Sebasti谩n Enrique Socas)
DNI 24.662.824